It is officially illegal in VA to keep a dog handcuffed in the cold

Animal advocates across the country will be happy to hear that the cruel act of keeping a dog tied outside in cold weather is now illegal in Virginia. With freezing temperatures, this law was passed just in time!

There are dogs across the country who spend most of their days on a chain in their backyard without adequate protection. While this action is heartbreaking enough, some face this reality even in the excruciating winter months.

Not only is life outdoors hard enough for a puppy, but it can even be fatal if temperatures drop below freezing. Exposure to freezing temperatures without adequate protection can cause water sources to freeze, increasing the risk of hypothermia, and in some cases even death.

“Dogs are flesh and blood, not picnic tables. So if it’s too cold for you outside, your dog is too cold!” – PETA Senior Vice President Daphna Nachminovitch

PETA knows how dangerous it can be to chain a dog outdoors, especially in areas with harsh winters. Because of this, they fought tirelessly to convince Virginia lawmakers to recognize this harsh reality and come up with a safe solution for the furry friends in this state.

“Animals depend on us for everything from food, water and shelter to their safety and satisfaction – and the law now recognizes they don’t have to shiver in the cold, either.” – PETA Senior Vice President Daphna Nachminovitch

This new law also gives details of what an adequate shelter must contain if your dog is left outdoors. All dogs outdoors, tethered or not, must have access to an insulated bed that will protect them from cold winds and all other extreme weather conditions. You also need to have access to food and water that is protected from freezing or the elements that can pollute these sources.

If a dog does not have an isolated shelter or shelter from inclement weather, the parent can face hefty fines and other penalties. PETA and the United States Humane Society recommend contacting your local authorities if you discover a direct violation of this law as the dog’s life could be endangered.

If you have any questions about keeping a dog warm during the winter, you can contact the Humane Society of the United States Cold Weather Guide. If you see a dog in need in your area, contact the local authorities to see what to do next!

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