Is your cat’s butt touching ALL surfaces in your house?

Cats sit anywhere and anywhere they want. All cat lovers know this as a solid truth, but when cats find perches on a chair, counter, or bed, does it mean their blurry butts are pressed tightly against those surfaces?

That’s a good question because just as we know how cats will sit anywhere, we also know that cats like to show their bums to those they trust. And once they trust you, you’ll end up with this spoiled prospect quite often. So, with all that cat loot rocking all over the place, how much of that bum do they leave on surfaces?

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Sixth grade student Kaeden Henry of Perry, FL asked himself the same question and started a science project asking, “Does your cat’s asshole really touch every surface in your home?”

His hypothesis? “When my cat sits on a surface, her asshole touches that surface too.”

Kerry Griffin / Facebook
Kerry Griffin / Facebook

A lot of science

But how did Kaeden start measuring cat-piston smears on surfaces?

First of all, it is helpful to know that both Kaedens cats, Taco and Maya, have been trained by command since they were kittens. Kaeden’s mother, Kerry Griffin, has a PhD. In animal behavior with a focus on cat behavior, the kittens’ preexisting skills of “sitting, waiting, lying down, and jumping up” were quite useful to the experiment.

On an aside, Kerry said, “They also know how to high-five, whirl around, and talk.”

Kerry Griffin / Facebook
Kerry Griffin / Facebook

For the experiment, Kaeden applied red, non-toxic Lipstick on the kitten’s “bums” and then the cats were pointed at specific surfaces, both hard and soft, and covered with white paper for data collection.

But do not worry! Kerry affirmed, “As a disclaimer, no cats were injured in this science project.”

After a brief 10-minute experiment, the lipstick was wiped off with a baby wipe, and both Taco and Maya were “rewarded with lots of praise, pets and their favorite treats.”

Kerry Griffin / Facebook
Kerry Griffin / Facebook

Cat Butt Conclusions

So what did Kaeden learn?

  • “Long- and medium-haired cat assholes had no contact with soft or hard surfaces at all.”
  • “Short-haired cats have NO contact on hard surfaces. But we saw signs of a slight smear on the soft surface of the bed. “

Kerry Griffin / Facebook

Bottom Line: If you have a short haired cat and it may be lying on a pile of laundry, an unmade bed, or other soft, uneven surface, its asshole can touch those surfaces!

Okay, there is your answer. While cats sit anywhere and everywhere, their asses don’t pull up the whole house, just a here-and-there smear of the places we sit, the clothes we wear, and our beds. Well, if you’ll excuse that mother cat, I’ll put a load of sheets and blankets in the washing machine!

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