iHeartDogs Editor’s Spring 2021 Choice Awards

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There are so many products and services available for pets that it is almost impossible to know what your dog needs and what will actually work. We here at iHeartDogs are ready to go through it all and come up with some suggestions to make the lives of you and your pets a little better. We share our favorites when it comes to grooming, protecting, and even pampering our dogs. We love each of the following for their commitment to high quality, great prices, and amazing results!

Find out all about iHeartDogs’ top selection of products for spring:

1. Get digital access to a vet 24/7 and save: Pawp

Cost should never stop us from providing our beloved pets with the care they need. With the aim of making caring for our pets more affordable and accessible, Pawp offers a state-of-the-art digital vet clinic and a safety net for emergency vet bills worth $ 3,000. Pawp offers an alternative to pet insurance that helps improve (and extend) the lives of our pets. For those with larger families of fur, up to six cats and dogs can be used Pawp for a flat fee per month – regardless of the breed, age or existing conditions of the pet.

For just $ 19 / month. Find out more here, iHeartDogs readers!

2. Prevent harmful fleas and ticks: 1-800-PetMeds®

Fleas and ticks are more than just a perennial nuisance in the lives of pet parents. They can also pose real threats to your dog. Fortunately, you can find the best flea and tick prevention for your pet at America’s Most Trusted Pet Pharmacy®. 1-800-PetMeds®. This is a great way to keep your pets safe with fast-acting, long-lasting prevention.

iHeartDogs readers can use code DOGS20 at checkout to get an additional 20% off your order. Plus, get fast and free shipping on orders over $ 49. But hurry because this limited-time offer ends on June 15, 2021!

3. Clean up Dog poop: TriNova

The life of a dog owner is filled with lots of heartwarming cuddles, stimulating walks, and dirty clutter (unfortunately). But tidying up after your canine companion doesn’t have to be a chore. To use TriNova’s natural stain and odor remover for pets to clean up clutter caused by bathroom accidents, muddy paw prints, and more without the use of harsh chemicals to protect you and your pet!

Get 25% off with the code iHeartDogs25 at Offer ends on June 30th, 2021!

4. Get Cozy with the Puppy: Get $ 10 off your $ 50 purchase of high tails with Free Shipping!

Dogs spend at least half of their days sleeping. So why not make sure they are as comfortable as possible? The High tails Mission is to “comfort those who comfort us” with high quality products in the categories of Sleep, Play and Explore. Sleep is essential for dogs, and Tall Tails beds and blankets provide comfort and security for all sleepers in all seasons, regardless of the environment.

iHeartDogs fans can use this coupon code to save $ 10 on your $ 50 purchase with Tall Tails (plus shipping!).

5. Where your dog stays – for free! Red Roof Inn

Sometimes it can be difficult to leave your dog behind when you want to travel. With over 500 locations in the USA Red Roof Inn is your first choice when making travel plans with your pets.

As a special treat for all iHeartDogs readers Use the code 605422 to get a 15% discount on your stay at the Red Roof Inn as a thank you and in the hope that you and your furry friend will stay under their roof.

6th Individual meal plans for your unique dog: Hungry Bark

It can be overwhelming to stand in the aisle with dog food knowing how many options are available to your dog. Stop guessing whether your dog needs more protein, a grain-free diet, or a supplement for longevity. As a natural dog food company, Hungry bark With all of their unique custom meal plans, the guesswork is eliminated personalized for the special needs of your dog – because all dogs are different! Hungry Bark creates a custom meal plan based on your dog’s age, breed, weight, activity level, allergies, and wellness goals to find the perfect fit. Each dry food recipe is made from superfood ingredients, vet approved, made with love in the USA, and delivered direct to the dog.

Click on this link 10% discount on your order at the checkout!

7th Keep the puppy’s ears healthy: Zymox

Some dogs are prone to ear infections, but others can still suffer from it. For more than twenty years the ZYMOX A number of veterinarian approved enzyme-based ear products have helped animals have healthy ears and provide relief and comfort from ear infections. Proudly made in the USA, ZYMOX is safe, non-toxic, easy to use, and free of antibiotics and harsh ingredients that help animals live healthy and happy lives.

With your first order at you will receive free shipping with the code iheartzymox.

8th. Give Your Dog His Best Life: Fearless Happy Homes

There is a lot of wrong (and harmful!) Animal education out there on the internet, but you won’t find that on Fear Free Happy Homes. is designed to give loving, amorous pet owners free access to the latest content and information that will enable them to help their pets live their happiest, healthiest, fullest lives at home, at the vet, with the trainer, and anywhere in the world lead between. 100% of the content is verified by state-certified veterinary behaviorists, so you can always trust this information.

Discover free videos, articles, handouts, and more at

9. Fresh meals for dogs: PetPlate

Make your dog’s health a priority without sacrificing convenience! PetPlate delivers healthy, freshly prepared meals to your dog right at your doorstep. Each recipe was designed by a veterinarian and cooked in a USDA kitchen using human-grade ingredients. Your dog’s meals are pre-portioned for their needs and delivered when you need them. Choose from four recipes plus goodies!

Here you get a 50% discount on your first purchase.

10. Treat Your Dog and Reduce Your Carbon Pawprint: Chippin

Did you know that pet food production accounts for between 1.1% and 2.9% of the greenhouse gases on all farms? Chippin That is why they have created treats that are high quality, allergy-friendly and environmentally friendly. Chippin only uses eco-friendly ingredients that are produced on small to medium-sized farms in the United States.

To keep your puppy healthy while being earth conscious at the same time, Use code IHEART25 for 25% off your order.

11. Increase Your Dog’s Health: Happy, healthy Nutrition Boost Food Topper – Beef

Happy, healthy topper offers everything your dog would naturally eat. It’s a healthy boost to your pup’s daily meals so you don’t have to worry about the amount of food your pup has to eat at dinner. Made from fresh, human food – it’s a super tasty, healthy way to improve the diet in your pup’s diet without changing dog foods!

From just $ 9.99!

12. Check Plaque and Keep Your Puppy Healthy: Happy, Healthy Teeth Rinsing

A dog with a healthy mouth is a dog of general health! Happy, healthy Dental rinse uses enzymes and targeted oral probiotics to fight the unhealthy bacteria that swim in your pup’s water bowl and find a home in their mouth. Say goodbye to your dog’s bad breath and caked teeth.

Get yours today for just $ 14.99

13. Provide Warmth and Comfort: Premium Customizable Sherpa Dog Blankets

A dog’s blanket not only provides warmth, but also comfort inside and outside the home. These luxurious blanket will be your pup’s new favorite. With plush sherpa on one side and imitation suede on the other – let your puppy choose his favorite side! Even better, when you buy this soft, durable blanket, we’ll send a cozy fleece blanket to a shelter dog in need.

Personalize yours with your own dogs’ names or personalize them as the perfect gift for a friend!

iHeartDogs readers can have this for just $ 24.99

14. Ultra Premium Full Spectrum CBD Oil Made From Hemp: Cannanin

CBD can have many beneficial effects in dogs, from reducing joint pain to calming anxiety. Cannanin Ultra premium hemp oil with CBD offers unparalleled botanical support for your dog or cat’s endocannabinoid system. Our product does not contain THC. Plus:

  • Offers 7 healthy meals to keep pets in need safe.
  • Does not contain THC and will not make your dog or cat “high”. Most other CBD oils contain traces of THC, ours contain absolutely zero.
  • Made in the United States
  • View the Certificate of Analysis (COA) here

Get CBD from $ 39.99 today!

15. Your dog’s sock monkey!

Good old sock monkey holds a special place in our hearts because we are the silly looking stuffed companion of many children. Now your pup can have the same plush friend! Plus, your purchase provides 1 dog toy for a shelter in need so everyone wins.

iHeartDogs friends, get this today for only $ 9.99!


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