How you can support us during the Covid-19 pandemic

In accordance with government requirements, our aquarium will be closed until it is deemed safe to reopen.

Although closed, this has no effect on our animals as they continue to be looked after with great care by our great team. However, they definitely miss seeing their visitors!

As a charity, we totally rely on the generosity of the paying audience. While we are closed we all lose revenue.

We are grateful for the extension of the holiday program, but unfortunately we cannot leave our animals or the staff who look after them.

For this reason we thought we would list some ways you can support our aquarium now. Hopefully there is an option for anyone who wants to help.

1. Visit us virtually

Do you miss our animals or do you just want to learn more about our wonderful life in the ocean? Good news! You can now book a virtual tour to see our aquarium. Whether you’re exploring with family and friends, having a birthday party with us, or virtually visiting a school or community group, we offer virtual tours for all types of marine enthusiasts.

Our tours allow you to explore the entire ocean, from the rocky shores of Plymouth Sound to the colorful coral of the Great Barrier Reef. On select tours, you also get VIP access to our behind-the-scenes areas for a preview of what’s going on behind the scenes.

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2. Buy a gift from our online shop

We have set up an online shop so that you can buy some of our Aquarium Shop ranges while we are closed.

Every purchase you make in our shop directly supports our animal and charity work. So you can pick up ocean-themed gifts knowing that you are not only supporting us, but our ocean too!

Visit our online shop

3. Watch our live videos

We have brought back our hugely popular live videos where you can collaborate with us in real time to see how our marine biologists interact with our animals and ask them questions you dearly want to know. It is currently only 99p to watch our live videos to care for and care for our amazing animals. Visit our Facebook page to stay up to date with the next time we go live.

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4. Fundraise

We are happy to announce that there are new ways to raise funds for us. This is your chance to support our charity and improve the ocean and its wildlife.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration or already have a great idea, we can help you!

Click here to get started

5. Plan ahead with a gift card

If 2020 has taught us anything, we don’t know what’s around the corner.

For this reason we have added “Gift Cards” to our online shop. This is a great way to buy aquarium tickets for yourself, friends or family. When we are allowed to open, you can use the gift cards to visit us without any additional effort.

These tickets come with a 12 month return pass so you can come back as often as possible. This pass doesn’t start until your first visit!

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6. Donate to our charity

When we’re closed, we lose over 98% of our charity’s income. Without these vital resources, it becomes increasingly difficult to care for our animals and continue our research and conservation of the ocean.

You can donate the price of a coffee or the cost of a monthly subscription to Netflix. Any amount will help our charity at this point.

Donate to our aquarium

From every single animal and employee here at the National Marine Aquarium, we would like to thank you very much for your continued support. We hope to see you all soon!


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