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How to take care of cats in winter

Like us humans, our furry friends have to bear the brunt of the cold in winter. You should know that most cats are warmth-seeking animals and are always looking for a cozy place to rest. Although they often find shelter, it would be a boon if you could help them stay warm and comfortable by offering extra care.

Check out this blog to find out how to keep your cats healthy and happy this winter. You will learn five simple tips that are very useful in helping all cat breeds to sail through the cold season. So let’s start.

1) Beware of frostbite

All cat owners should know that cats can get frostbite if exposed to extreme temperatures. It usually starts at the tip of their ears, then their tails, and finally extends to their toes. So every time your cat comes inside after a walk outdoors, wipe their face and feet.

Frostbite usually appear gray or pale. If you can see anything like this and are not sure whether it is frostbite or not, please contact the veterinarian immediately.

2) Buy them antifreeze water cups

Most cats love having food and water in one bowl. This way, they can quench their thirst and hunger even when roaming the neighborhood outside. However, if you are storing a bowl for them, you need to make sure that the cold temperature does not make them freeze.

If you live in a location with extreme weather, consider buying them an excellent heating bowl. It will help your cats easily drink water whenever they want.

3) Check your cat’s paw frequently

You may have seen cats lick their paws a lot as this is part of their self-care. When your cats are home after an outdoor walk, you may need to check their paws for antifreeze. Antifreeze is a bright yellow and green coolant that mixes with water in cars and trucks to prevent the radiators from freezing.

These coolants are toxic to animals and your cats can hit them if they see them in front of them. Therefore, inspecting your cat’s paws after their walks is a must.

4) Provide them with lots of toys

It would be better if you could keep your cats indoors most of the winter. To do this, they need something in the house that they can fully occupy themselves with. You can give your cats some amazing cat toys that will not only keep them occupied but also provide great stimulation.

You can also play a game of hide and seek with your cats by offering them delicious cat treats. You can reward them for finding the toy you hid.

5) Keep them warm but away from hot things

While keeping your cats warm is important, it is also important to keep them away from artificial heat sources such as space heaters, stoves, and hot radiators. You should know that flying sparks from a fireplace can seriously injure your cats, and so they should always be kept a reasonable distance. Never leave space heating on when you go out somewhere and your cat is in the house.

6) Always keep a litter box indoors

If you want your cats to be in your house, you need to provide them with a good litter box. If they have a safe and accessible area to go to the bathroom, don’t go outside. Litter bins can be a blessing in winter, especially for older cats and cats with medical disabilities.

If you keep the litter box in your home during the cold season, use a dehumidifier to reduce humidity and keep the litter box at peak performance.


You have just seen some of the best tips to keep your cats in great winter health. These strategies are easy to implement and won’t break your sweat anyway. It is recommended that you improve your cats’ care during the winter and that you also feed them at appropriate intervals. Always contact the veterinarian if you have any doubts about your cat’s health.


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