How to get kids excited about fishing

My four year old grandson is just a joy, I am amazed at his imagination and how quickly he learns things and I have realized how important it is to give him experience so that he can really determine what he likes and what he wants to do, how he grows up. He loves the holiday season, from kindergarten to choosing the name “Piney” for his annual Christmas tree, to watching and reenacting his favorite movie, The Polar Express.

As my wife and I were preparing for his visit, I thought I was going into the basement and through the mess of over forty years of marriage, found a Lionel train set that I had bought many, many years ago, and brought it back in our family room. When my grandson arrived, he immediately looked at the old dusty box with a picture of a steam engine. He opened the box, took the rails and cars out of the galley engine, put everything together methodically, and played with them for hours.

To encourage his love for these yesterday’s toys, my wife and I took him to a local train show with rows of displays and working models. He loved every minute of it and got some nice new train toys to boot into.

What does this have to do with fish? Well, as grandparents, you have the responsibility and the opportunity to help your grandchildren experience life. Here are some tips on how to excite the kids in your life to fishing:

  1. Download Disney + and show them some old cartoons of Goofy and Donald Duck fishing.
  2. Take them to a fishing and boating show so they can experience all of the great equipment and events that take place there.
  3. Go to the basement or garage and bring the old dusty gadgets upstairs and let them explore.
  4. Finally, take her out on the water and let her newfound curiosity run wild. Maybe, maybe, they will enjoy it and add that experience to all of the experiences they enjoy now.

I know that’s exactly what I’ll be doing this spring because what may be old to us is new to the eyes and imagination of a four year old. If you’re thinking of taking your kids fishing, check out more tips on fishing with kids, fun things to do on weekends outdoors with your family, and #getyourfishon!

Frank Peterson

Frank Peterson is President and CEO of the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF), where his job is to encourage newcomers to fish and boating through the Take Me Fishing ™ and Vamos A Pescar ™ campaigns. Frank grew up in New York and learned to fish for striped bass in the Hudson River. Today he lives in Virginia and still fishes for stripers, or stonefish as they are called in the region. Outside of the clock, Frank enjoys downtime with his wife Marlene, their three children, and two grandchildren.


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