How to find good fishing spots in your area

If you want to mix up your usual fishing routine, this post is for you. Often we stick to our “good” fishing spots out of habit, predictability, or a unique advantage (like on-site toilets or your favorite restaurant nearby!), But when was the last time you tried something new?

It’s time to mess things up and add a little adventure to your summer to-do list. Trying out new places can challenge your mind and awaken your senses, which tend to become inactive when you get into a pointless routine. There are likely many local fishing spots in your area that you have not yet discovered yourself. Here are some ideas to help you find these great fishing spots.

First, take a look at our interactive Places to Fish and Boat map powered by FishBrain. Here you can find localized fishing permits, what species to catch, the best times to fish, where to buy equipment or fishing licenses, and much more. The map also marks other landmarks such as boat ramps, marinas, and bait shops.

To be even more specific, go where other local fish people hang out. Social media groups or online forums are common areas for sharing knowledge, local fishing spots, tips, and photos. You can also ask your local bait and fishing shop for information – perhaps one of the best resources for real-time local knowledge that no internet search can provide.

You can search for listings on your government outdoor agency’s website, or just do it old school – take a getaway! Drive through your town until you come across good fishing spots that interest you. Expand your horizons outside of your usual routine and you won’t be short of new, fun outside activities this summer. Tight lines and good fishing!


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