How to find fishing spots near me: No boat, no problem

Tried and figured out where to go fishing without a boat but not sure how to find the best spots? If so, you should know that there are helpful tips to use when looking for “places to fish near me, no boat”, also known as inshore fishing spots.

Check with your state fish and wildlife agency.

Many government agencies will provide a list of shore fishing grounds by region or may recommend coastal areas based on the species you want to target.

Visit the nearby state and county parks.

The next time you’re planning a family getaway, visit a state or regional park near you. Many of these parks have fish ponds, public piers, or are on a waterway where fishing is permitted on the bank.

Keep an eye out for public waterways on your daily routes.

You might be surprised how many spots you can find when running errands, commuting to work, going on a bike ride, or visiting friends. Always make sure that fishing is allowed in all spots you find and do not enter private property.

Check with your local fishing shop or join a fishing club.

While many of your fellow anglers keep certain locations a secret, most are willing to share general information about waterways in the area that allows shore fishing.

Listen to local fishing reports.

Does any of the radio or television stations in your community have outdoor programs? Is there a local fishing podcast that offers tips on where to fish without a boat? Local fisheries reports can be a great source of information.

Fishing without a boat from the shore or offshore doesn’t mean you won’t have the opportunity to catch a lot of fish or trophy size fish. In fact, once you get a fishing license and do your “fishing spots near me, no boats” homework, you could start reeling in some surprisingly large catches.


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