How to choose the best cat subscription

Cratejoy, a website that tracks subscription boxes, lists more than 2,400 gift, toy and gift boxes for cats. There’s a $ 40 box of holistic treats per month put together by a certified clinical animal nutritionist. Or a wine and cat box for $ 39 a month. Or for just $ 4 a month, catnip-themed toys and treats that are packaged every month.

How should a cat owner choose from all of these options?

First and foremost, make sure that what you buy is safe and of high quality, ”says Nancy Welborn, DVM, assistant professor at the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine in Baton, Rouge, Louisian. “You wouldn’t buy a toy for your children that wasn’t safe, so the same should be true for kittens.”

Subscription boxes have become an increasingly popular gift alternative and offer everything from razors to coffee, clothing, cosmetics and innovative T-shirts. Pay a fee and receive a box of new and – hopefully – interesting items every month. So why not cats?

“The Goody Boxes appeal to a wide range of pet parents,” said Kathy Neumann, vice president of integrated marketing at online pet retailer Chewy, which offers nine gift boxes. “Many are simply looking for a way to pamper their cat or want to send a gift to a new cat parent. Cats offer companionship, and giving away a goody box is one of many ways cat owners can show their love and appreciation. “

Boxing shoppers are looking for interactive catnip-infused toys that encourage independent play as well as safe play with others, according to Kathy. Additionally, shoppers are looking for a meaningful way for furry friends to attend celebrations like birthdays, holidays, and more.

Quality and safety are of the utmost importance:

  • Look for toys that cats can’t chew, like a mouse with a tail or ears that are easy to peel off, says Dr. Welborn.
  • Also, make sure that fabrics for clothing and toys have not been treated with chemicals that are dangerous to the animal.
  • Treats should also be of high quality and suitable for cats. “Cats are carnivores, but sometimes people see something that says naturally and assume it’s good even if it doesn’t contain meat products,” says Dr. Welborn.
  • Kathy says owners should supervise their cats when trying out a new toy or treat.

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