How to book your tickets for the aquarium

Now that our doors are officially open to the public again, it’s time to plan your visit – and here at the National Marine Aquarium we can’t wait to see you!

In accordance with current social distancing guidelines and to ensure our customers are safe at all times, we have made some changes to the booking and visiting process. To find out exactly what you need to do to secure your spot, read on.

Plan your visit

In order to protect you during your visit to our underwater world, we have implemented a booking system with which you can reserve your time slot in advance. So you can choose the window that best suits your daily schedules and book it online before you visit us.

Advance booking is currently required to avoid overcrowding our aquarium. So if you want to visit our marine animals this month please don’t forget as we don’t accept walk-ins.

If you book a specific time slot, you can arrive and depart at any time within this window. The time windows are three hours long, so you have enough time to explore all areas of our aquarium at a leisurely pace.

You don’t have to arrive right at the beginning of your time slot, nor do you have to wait until the end of the time slot to leave the time slot. For example, if your time slot is between 10am and 1pm, you can arrive at 10.30am and leave at 12.30pm. However, in order to maintain the aquarium visitor numbers, you must leave the aquarium by the end of your time window.

How to book

For the first time in the aquarium

  1. Go to the ticket page on our website by clicking “Buy Tickets”.
  2. Click through to “Tickets” and select the number of people you will visit
  3. Next, choose the day you want to visit
  4. Next, choose the time slot you want to arrive in. You have three hours to explore the aquarium.
  5. Enter the relevant details and confirm that you have read the visitor certificate.
  6. Bring your confirmation reference; either on your phone or printed out
  7. Arrive in your time slot and enjoy the aquarium!
  8. When you pay to enter the aquarium for the first time, you will be asked if you would like a free annual pass to return to the aquarium as often as you like.

Book tickets now

If you have a free return pass

You still have to book your “place” online before visiting it. This way we know exactly how many people are in the building at the same time. Since you have a free pass, your visit is still free, but you must select the “Free Entry” option.

On arrival you will be asked for your valid free pass so that we can check you on our system.

Annual tickets that have not expired are still valid as usual.

Bookings can be made as usual through our website or by clicking Here.

We hope you have a nice visit!


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