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Here are the things your dog desperately needs from you

When you own a dog, you know that he or she is an integral part of your life. Nothing in this world can replace the unconditional love that a dog offers people. They will always be there to cuddle you when you get home after a bad day.

But do you think your dogs are happy with just the abdominal massages you give on occasion? It seems like these innocent souls want more than these sweet gestures. You can often see them asking you for something with their cute, desperate looks.

In this blog, we’re going to discuss all of the things your dog is likely to tell you if he can talk. By doing your dog this favor, you can keep him overjoyed and more motivated than it is now.

So let’s start

Own toys

Just like you store your belongings, dogs also need things that are their exclusive property. This can include food bowls, dog beds, and most importantly, dog toys. Toys correspond to the crossword puzzles or puzzles that we humans make for mental stimulation. When dogs play with toys, they get a feeling of reward that counteracts most of their stress.

Toys can also prevent problems such as excessive barking, unwanted chewing, and other undesirable behaviors. You will find that your dogs value you more because you are the ones who provided them with their favorite toys.

Delicious treats

Dogs, just like us, need delicious treats every now and then to tickle their taste buds. They can do anything for you to receive their favorite dog treats. It is absolutely fine if they receive their fraudulent meal from time to time.

Just make sure you don’t give them any human foods like chocolate, grapes, onions, and resins as these are highly toxic to dogs. Also avoid very spicy foods as these can cause diarrhea and vomiting.

Peaceful nap in a quiet place

Please don’t think that your dogs can sleep anywhere, anytime just because they fall asleep very quickly. They hate to be woken up while they are comfortably sleeping. In fact, scaring your dog out of deep sleep is often associated with excessive aggressiveness.

Put your dog bed in a safe, quiet place so that they can relax longer. Also, make sure he does his business before you go to sleep so you don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night.

Chest rubs, not belly rubs

If your dogs expose their tummies, it doesn’t necessarily mean they want abdominal massages. Many dogs roll submissively, which shows their insecurity and fear. Hence, giving them a stomach ache every time they do this can be very annoying for them.

The fact is that most dogs love being petted on the chest. It really means a gentle massage for her and it lets her calm down instantly. You can also use this gesture to strengthen the overall bond between the two of you.


Dogs really love to play outside. They want to explore all unknown things in the world and understand their surroundings better. Because of this, they might drag you out of bed every now and then.

Please do not discourage this tendency in your dog, as it is inherent in their genes to hunt. You can try buying them a frisbee as it will effectively satisfy their persecuting instinct. Frisbees are also very helpful in burning off their pent-up energy.

A consistent routine

You will often see your dog coming after you when you pick up this leash. Well it seems there is a lot of truth behind this. It is a fact that few pet owners really know dogs by a well-established routine. Without following a pattern, they can become irritable and very anxious.

It is important to establish a routine for your dog as it will help maintain excellent physical and mental health. At the same time, set a schedule that also suits your lifestyle.


Although dogs are known for their unconditional love, they still have few desires and expectations from all of us. If you can accomplish some of the things above, they will be deeply grateful to you. After all, these are the little things that make a memory of a lifetime.


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