Groomer charged with fatal injuries after 14-year-old Yorkie

Regular grooming is a necessity for many dog ​​breeds. Trips to the snow groomers are only part of the routine. Neither parent expects their dog to be dropped off at the groomer one day and later picked up with a life-threatening illness. But unfortunately that happened to a family in Ohio this month.

Tina Brady and her husband brought their 14 year old Yorkshire Terrier Lacey to Andra Edison’s house. Previously, they had taken Lacey to the nursing shop where Edison worked, but it had to close during the coronavirus pandemic. Edison started taking customers from home and they trusted her. It was a decision they would soon regret.

Something seemed wrong

After 90 minutes, Brady returned to pick up her dog. As soon as she saw Lacey, she knew something was wrong.

“[Edison] give them to me and [Lacey]It’s kind of screaming and stuff and I looked at her and she kind of had a stain on her head and I asked [Edison] What is wrong with that. she said [Lacey] scratched very badly and started turning around in the cage as soon as I left. “

Edison continued to hint that Lacey was in this condition when Brady dropped her off. But Brady would have noticed, and she certainly wouldn’t have taken her dog to a groomer in this condition.

“I thought, ‘Why should I take her off if she was like that?'”

A case for abuse

After Brady left the groomer, he decided to take Lacey to the vet for a checkup. There she learned that Lacey was bleeding in her brain and had several broken ribs. Both the police and the vet at MedVet found that Edison was holding Lacey with her whole body weight on the grooming table. This seems to be the most likely cause of bruises and broken ribs.


Sheriff Richard Jones of the Butler County Sheriff’s Office said the evidence warranted a formal investigation.

“It’s scary to think that you will leave your dog for grooming and he will come back in such a condition that you will have to euthanize him. Then we step in to make sure the responsible person faces a judge. “

Brady and her husband are broken over their loss and know a lawsuit won’t change that.

“She was our baby. We’d love to know what happened to her, but on the other hand we’re scared of knowing what she did to her. “

Edison has since been formally charged with cruelty to a companion animal. It is devastating that Lacey suffered, but justice is served on her behalf. Rest in peace, sweet girl.

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