Greece passes revolutionary animal cruelty laws after terrible abuse

Greece is taking steps to protect the rights of dogs and other animals across its country. As? The Greek Parliament recently passed a law punishing animal abuse with up to 10 years in prison! They unanimously voted to demand at least a year and fines between 5,000 and 15,000 euros. However, the worst offenders of “serious animal abuse” will be behind bars for up to a decade.

What is considered serious animal abuse?

Determining the definition of severe animal abuse can be filled with gray areas. While you or I may think that anything but a life of luxury can be viewed as abuse, the eye of the law obviously has to think differently. Parliament defines “serious animal abuse” as poisoning, burning, mutilation and hanging. These words can scare you if you read them. However, they come at a very important time for animal rights in Greece.

Makis Voridis is Greece’s Minister of Agriculture. He told local news sources that the law sends a “strong message” needed after the recent abuse cases that upset the country. While animal abuse is unfortunately nothing new, there were a few events this October that catapulted the need for tough laws into the spotlight.

The horrific abuse of two dogs sparked public outrage and highlighted the need for change

The following information may be difficult to read. So proceed carefully.

At the beginning of October, a dog is said to have been hanged by its owner in Crete and neutered with pliers. Fortunately, the dog was rescued by passing tourists and taken to a local animal welfare organization. He was then miraculously rehabilitated by a veterinarian. Unfortunately, the vet said he has never seen an animal of any species survive after suffering such catastrophic injuries.

A school teacher was arrested near Athens later in October after the first terrible incident. He had stabbed a dog in the chest and stomach several times. This created a pierced lung in addition to deep cuts. A neighbor also hit the dog with a metal rod while others videotaped the abuse.

The later incident sparked such indignation that crowds gathered in front of Teacher’s house to demand justice for the helpless dog. Thanks to the new laws, their voices and the screams of the abused dogs could finally be heard.

The new law not only calls for stricter penalties, but also makes it easier to prosecute animal abusers.

There’s one more piece of good news: both dogs that suffered the unimaginable abuse mentioned above have had surgery and are recovering from their attacks. We hope you experience true love once and for all!

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