Go fishing with your family this month

Hispanics are joining the fishing and boating community in record numbers – more than 4 million Hispanics went fishing last year! Let’s find out more about them. In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, we invite you to join a meal en familia by cooking the fish you caught! That’s true. Fishing has been a tradition in the United States for many generations. Besides being able to actually fish for food, fishing is an activity that brings people together. Whether on the water or at home to prepare your catch.

We all know that life on the water has been part of Hispanic culture for generations, and indeed a new study shows the effects of fishing on home cooking habits. According to the study, Hispanic anglers are more likely than their non-fishing counterparts to share a meal with extended families (73% vs 54%), cook meals at home (83% vs 74%), and try new recipes (71% vs 60%). ¡Así es la pesca y el pescado a unir familias!

That feeling of adventure doesn’t end in the kitchen either. Hispanics who fish are more likely to look for new or new experiences each week (62% versus 45%) and plan a future trip weekly (73% versus 54%).

What’s behind the effects of fishing in and out of the kitchen? ¿Cuál es tu opinionión? ¿Ya er tentado pescar en familia? Everything you need to learn how to fish during Hispanic Heritage Month can be found here.

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month! Happy Hispanic Heritage Month!

Bruna Carincotte

Bruna Carincotte brings extensive international experience in marketing, communication and public relations to the RBFF. Bruna is from Brazil and is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English. She has 13 years of experience in communications and has relevant project management skills developed in Latin America, Europe and North America.
Bruna is now responsible for public relations and social media strategies, as well as content development for RBFF’s social media channels and for Take Me Fishing ™ | responsible for campaigns for the Vamos a Pescar ™ brand.


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