Gallery: Purple-green swallows at home

Art by Jen Lobo.

From the autumn 2020 edition of Living Bird magazine. Subscribe now.

“Highlighting the life history of species, in turn, shows the importance of biodiversity,” explains Jen Lobo, Bartels Science illustrator, who explains why she made sure to include prey – a crane fly and a beetle with a green rose – in this drawing. Her private portrait of a pair of purple-green swallows adorns the official Cornell Lab of Ornithology tote bag in 2020.

For this piece of art, Lobo says she was inspired by 19th-century woodpecker nest illustrations by naturalist and artist Genevieve Jones. “I wanted to show purple-green swallows as secondary cavity nests reusing an abandoned woodpecker hole, while paying homage to an artist whose work I admire,” she says.


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