Fun weekend activities

When family plans get a little too hectic, the priority is to be outdoors for some weekend fun. In other words, change the pace by breathing fresh air, learning more about the outdoors, and creating new memories while outdoors. If you’re looking for ideas to help you plan some fun things to do with your favorite people on the weekend, here are five suggestions:

1. Go for a paddle

If you don’t own a canoe or kayak, don’t worry. There are many places that offer paddlecraft rentals to help you with your weekend plans. Many states have peaceful and scenic paddling trails, such as the Calusa Blueway Paddling Trail in southwest Florida. Often times, you can pick up paddle cards and get additional information from local outfitters or marinas.

2. Ask Alexa where you can fish

Use the Take Me Fishing skill for Amazon Alexa to get ideas on where to fish near you. If you are new to fishing and need some useful tips to get started, check out some beginner fishing tips before you head out. When you use the Take Me Fishing skill, Alexa can tell you about local waterways, which are also great places for long weekend getaways.

3. Plan a geocaching adventure

If you haven’t heard of geocaching or tried it, put it on your list of ideas for weekend fun. Geocaching is an exciting modern treasure hunt. Caches are hidden by other geocachers who use a pen or pencil to put together a variety of trinkets and a logbook. This stash is then stuffed into a weatherproof box and hidden in a location that you and your family must find using GPS and a series of specific coordinates.

4. Go camping

One of the best things to do with kids over the weekend is planning a camping trip. You can camp at a nearby state park (see the state park website to see if you need a prior reservation of the campsite) or just pitch a tent in your own yard. Kids love the excitement that comes with sleeping outdoors, no matter how close or far you are from home.

5. Set up a stargazing session

Plan fun weekend getaways to choose stargazing spots in the country. Pack a stack of blankets and drive far enough from the city lights to have a clear view of the sky. You should definitely bring a star map to see which constellations are visible in your area at this time of year.

Whether you are looking for fun activities to do this weekend or fun weekend activities in the near future, use this list and start planning to get outside!


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