Found kitten outside alone, crossed paths with another cat, determined to win him over

Two kittens were found separated without their mothers. They crossed paths at an animal shelter and became inseparable friends.

Erik Thoren at KittenBnB

A small gray kitten was taken to a New York City animal shelter after it was discovered in Brooklyn without a mother. The kitten needed a foster home and a buddy to cuddle with.

At that time, Jess Thoren, a carer for KittenBnB in New Jersey, came to the shelter to pick up a litter of kittens that had been found orphaned. She noticed the little singleton and knew she had to take it with her.

“He was about two weeks younger than the rest of the kittens. He came to the shelter the same morning (as the others) and didn’t have a place so I took him too,” shared Jess Love Meow.

Erik Thoren at KittenBnB

The three older kittens Eva Ernst, Count Dracula and Dr. Jekyll quickly adopted the new kitten Victor Frankenstein (aka Frankie). Shortly after they got to their nursing home, they played together like Frankie had always been part of their crew. The youngest kitten was much smaller but tried hard to keep up with the others.

While the larger kittens scurried around the room, doing all sorts of antics, Frankie was still trying to figure out his legs. “He was perfectly happy to see his older siblings running around while he was in bed,” Erik Thoren, Jess’ husband, told Love Meow.

Erik Thoren at KittenBnB

Frankie adored his new siblings but was very fond of one of them and was determined to win him over. He began to snuggle up to Dracula (the black kitten) and was very persistent in his pursuit of affection.

As soon as Dracula allowed little Frankie to snuggle up to him, the affectionate gray kitten would hang out with his new best friend all around the playpen.

Erik Thoren at KittenBnB

It took the little guy a week to catch up with the bigger kittens and run and get involved in mischief. Frankie would watch Dracula closely and mimic him playing.

Even though Frankie only had his paws under him, he was determined not to miss any action.

Erik Thoren at KittenBnB

“He’s been playing the role of ‘younger brother’ more and more and just trying to keep up with his older siblings,” added Erik.

Frankie became very attached to Dracula and insisted on cuddling with him whenever they took a nap. He wrapped his arms around him or curled up beside him and buried his face in his mate’s coat for that extra dose of comfort.

Erik Thoren at KittenBnB

After every meal, the two were always seen cuddled together and purred a storm. Their bond grew stronger day by day, and it was clear that they could not be separated.

Check out the kittens in this cute video:

Kitten best friends

“Frankie has evolved into this carefree kitten role. He’s a joke when he’s wild, with frequent attacks of zoomies. He lets Dracula speak for him because Dracula is very vocal,” shared Erik Love Meow.

Erik Thoren at KittenBnB

Little Frankie looks up at his big brother and follows his lead.

While Dracula is never shy of voicing his many opinions, Frankie is an excellent listener who is always intrigued by what he has to say.

Erik Thoren at KittenBnB

The cute gray kitten is super relaxed with no worries in the world. He always has a smile on his face and always seems so content when he is around his brother.

Erik Thoren at KittenBnB

When it came time for an adoption, Jess and Erik knew that these two brothers from different mothers had to stay together.

They do everything as a duo and little Frankie is Dracula’s biggest fan.

Erik Thoren at KittenBnB

A wonderful family came across this adorable couple and fell head over heels in love with them. They knew they had to take them both home with them.

A dream came true for the two pals when they moved into their eternal home together last week. Her siblings Jekyll and Eva were also adopted together.

Erik Thoren at KittenBnB

The two settled down quickly and snuggled into their comfortable new bed.

As always, Frankie threw his arms around his brother as they took their first nap at the point they call home.


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