Found 5 kittens outside together so happy to get the help they needed to thrive

Five kittens found outside as strays are delighted with the help they needed to thrive.

Karina @karinaskittenkorner

Karina, an Animal Welfare League volunteer at Arlington’s Kitten College program, was contacted about five small kittens in need of care. “I was told they were found strays in the Shenandoah area of ​​Virginia and that they are siblings,” Karina shared with Love Meow.

While at the shelter, the kittens meowed everyone who passed their kennel, desperate for attention. Karina saw the little faces that yearned for love behind the glass and knew that she had to help.

She took the kittens home so that they could have comfortable and quiet accommodation while they learned to socialize.

Karina @karinaskittenkorner

“It took you some time to feel comfortable with me, which of course is understandable.”

The kittens BooBoo, Luke, Flower, Lily and Blossom settled in their new accommodation with lots of beds and blankets. Four of the kittens quickly snuggled into a cozy, warm bed (the smallest of them all) and began to rumble with their adorable purrs.

Karina @karinaskittenkorner

Luke (gray) and Flower (calico) were the shyest and smallest kittens in the powder. They had a lot of time to cuddle with their foster mother. Lily (Tabby) was the most energetic and playful cat from the start. She quickly took over the leadership of the pack.

“She jumps the highest and is the definition of a busybody,” added Karina.

Karina @karinaskittenkorner

Flower and Luke were getting out of their shells. Two weeks after starting grooming, they were no longer afraid of people and their personalities began to blossom.

“Flower has so much personality in such a small package. She’s relentless, determined, vocal, and brave. She has a lot of love to give, but you’d better love her properly first.”

Blossom the KittenKarina @karinaskittenkorner

As Luke became more confident, he began to spend more time playing with other kittens. The little guy did a full 180.

Watch the kitten care journey in this cute video:

Care trip of five kittens

“Luke evolved from being a mommy’s boy to playing with his bigger littermates and tried to impress them. I’m totally happy for him and proud of him that he’s grown up.”

Luke the kittenKarina @karinaskittenkorner

Karina’s house cat Beast loves every foster kitten that comes through the door. He insists on lending a helping paw and teaching the kittens how to be a real cat.

“He’s always curious about what’s going on in the nursing room,” Karina said to Love Meow.

Karina @karinaskittenkorner

“I kept the kittens separate from my cats for the first two weeks so everyone could get used to each other and see if the kittens had any illnesses.

“As soon as the kittens were able to roam the house, Beast was definitely an older brother figure. He would clean them, play with them, hunt them. He was acting like a kitten that was so cute to look at again.”

Karina @karinaskittenkorner

Beast the Cat and his brother Cider came to Karina’s home as carers when they were kittens. They snuck into her heart and never left.

Now the fluffy gentleman is giving the kittens the same love he received when he was saved.

Karina @karinaskittenkorner

Beast showed the kittens how to eat from a bowl like a big kitten. Flower, the little calico, followed suit, trying to imitate his every move.

These five kittens have really bloomed since the day they arrived.

They are happy, confident, wild little kittens who love to chat with their people and snuggle up on their laps.

Booboo and Blume die KittenKarina @karinaskittenkorner

While Flower, Luke and Blossom still have something to do, their siblings Lily and BooBoo are ready to find a place of their own.

Lily is the only tabby in the litter and the big sister who is constantly on the lookout for her littermates.

Lily, Blossom and FlowerKarina @karinaskittenkorner

These kittens don’t have to worry about any other day on the street. You thrive in nursing and have a great future ahead of you.

Karina @karinaskittenkorner

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