Former police officer and veteran donates massive animal rescue to animal shelter

A former police officer continued to save lives after his death. This time it is a four-legged life that he devotes himself to.

Kenneth Thweatt was a Michigan police officer after serving in the Vietnam War. His wife died about 10 years ago and when Thweatt recently died of heart disease there was no one to raise his savings.

He told a local news channel in 2018 that he suffered from PTSD, depression, and anxiety due to his ministry. For many veterans like Mr. Thweatt, the love and devotion of a cat or a dog is simply irreplaceable.

You see, Thweatt had no next of kin to find. Except for his cat, which he adopted in 2017 and who kept him company until his death. Thweatt’s huge $ 57,000 life savings was generously donated to the Oakland County’s Animal Shelter and Animal Adoption Center.

What does this mean for the shelter? MUCH!

Thweatts donation will save lives and extend cuddles

Thweatt’s last feat of selflessness and generosity will now give countless animals a second chance in life. The money was given to help mothers and fathers of furbabies meet unexpected medical expenses. Often times, these families have more afternoons in the dog park or evenings on the couch.

Joanie Toole is the manager of the Oakland County Animal Shelter. She doesn’t believe in his generosity!

“If a dog comes in that has been hit by a car that needs immediate medical attention, we can do that. Thank you with all my heart from this little furry friend and all of the furry friends here, ”she told Newsweek.

The Oakland County Animal Shelter is equipped with state-of-the-art medical facilities. Plus, they have a compassionate group of volunteers who make everything possible!

A shelter that makes a difference for animals and families in need

Its mission is to “protect public safety by enforcing state laws, educating the public about responsible pet ownership, and providing humane sanctuary for animals in our care and, where possible, trying to encourage pets with their owners and animals reunite to promote responsible pet placement. “

The shelter is located in Pontiac, Michigan and has been helping animals find new homes since 1980. For the past 40 years, they have helped 4,000 people get a second chance in life every year! That’s a lot of wagging tails! In addition to helping dogs and cats find another chance at a life of love, the shelter provides life-saving emergency medical treatment. They really do everything and thanks to Kenneth Thweatt they can do even more.

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