Follow these simple instructions for Double Turle Knot

If you’ve studied fly fishing knots, you may have heard of the turle knot and the double turle knot. The turle knot and double turle knot are fly fishing knots that are used to secure flies at the top.

According to H. Cholmondeley-Pennell in his 1886 edition of Modern Improvements in Fishing Tackle and Fish Hooks, the original Turle knot was designed by Major William Greer Turle. In his later years, Major Turle was fond of fly fishing.

While most anglers tie this knot for fly fishing, you can also use the turle knot for fishing with spinning gear. This knot can be used when attaching a hook or bait to your leader.

It is beneficial to use and follow these instructions for the double turle as the double turle is a stronger and more secure knot than the original turle.

Step-by-step instructions for Double Turle Knot

  1. Guide the end of the label through the eye of the hook.
  2. Make two large loops, then tie an overhand knot around these loops.
  3. Run both loops over the bow tie or hook.
  4. Tuck the end of the label under the two loops.
  5. Pull the loops and knot tight.
  6. Cut the day end.

As with any other type of fishing knot, you may need to practice tying the double turle knot a few times. If the weather is not suitable for fishing, you can use your time to practice such knots or renew your fishing license online.


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