Five tips to catch more fish

Simple tricks for fishing success

No matter what someone tells you, you don’t need years of experience to catch more fish. In fact, all you need is a rod and reel, some bait or bait, and these tips to increase your chances. Oh, and a body of water … you will definitely need that.

1. Choose the best time of day

Fish are more active in low light when they feel less threatened by predators. This means that you will be more lucky in the early to mid-morning and early afternoon until the evening hours. That said, if the only opening on your schedule is casting under the midday sun, don’t pass the opportunity on. Instead, look for shady water, take advantage of the cloudy skies and remember that fish don’t always do what we expect.

2. Choose the best place

Fish like to hide under overhanging banks, around submerged rocks and trees, and in broken water, which helps them blend in with their surroundings. These features are the best choice for a shot. So find her and start casting.

3. Throw over

When you’ve chosen your favorite spot (or, better yet, actually seen a fish), try placing your litter directly behind it and rolling into the zone instead of dropping your bait directly on your prey. Otherwise, the fish will be frightened, and a frightened fish is generally not a hungry fish. Also, more bait will require a few cranks on the reel to find its natural rhythm. This is the key to getting a fish interested.

4. Wear polarized sunglasses

Polarized lenses not only protect your peepers, but also allow you to see through the glare on the water so you can capture the submerged features that increase your chances of success. Polarized sunglasses can even help you spot the exact fish you’re getting on your line.

5. It does steadily

If you see a fish chasing your bait, it’s okay to get excited. Just don’t stop staggering! Don’t change your rhythm too drastically. it just alerts the fish that something is not quite right. And if you’re worried that your fish isn’t fast enough to catch your bait, don’t be: you may be fast, but you are not fast enough to run over a hungry fish.

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