Expressive cat does NOT want to share dinner with an opossum

Cats generally don’t care about sharing their food.

You don’t want to share with other cats and certainly not with dogs. And cats especially don’t feel like sharing dinner with a ferocious intruder wearing a bare tail and long snoot!

Ask Imgur user MrRogers247 and his fluffy orange and white cat. When an opossum came to visit one evening, it looked like the cat wasn’t a fan of having to share the bowl.

The photos of the encounter tell the story of a hungry cat who just doesn’t know what to do with a giant opossum thief!

MrRogers247 / Imgur

Kitty doesn’t want to share

The cat spots an opossum munching on a bowl of chow and isn’t thrilled with the extra mouth hanging around. Trying to let the opossum know what’s going on with that bowl of food, the kitten says politely, “Sorry, this is actually MY dinner.”

Mr Rogers 247 / Imgur

If the opossum doesn’t understand the point, the cat looks at its human and begs, “Umm. A little help, please. “

MrRogers247 / Imgur

And if the kitten’s human does not correct the possum, the crush declares, “You see, an error has occurred, you accidentally gave this impostor MY dinner.”

Mr Rogers 247 / Imgur

If you argue with the human, you won’t get a kitten anywhere, so he decides to take matters into his own paws.

“Do you mean that seriously ??? You’ll just stand there and take pictures, I’m starving … You know what, that’s fine. “

Mr Rogers 247 / Imgur

“I can share… oh my favorite. Cat food.”

But the cat quickly realizes that possums don’t play with food either!

MrRogers247 / Imgur

Only one evil look from the intruder and the lively cat soon says: “Ok, ok, ok, sorry, have fun.”

MrRogers247 / Imgur

And the poor cat gives his human the most defeated look. Hopefully the kitten has been let in, cuddled, and given a bowl of dinner to herself! This cat-opossum encounter is certainly not the only one in history. Possums are cunning creatures, and they often feel at home in backyards and quiet nooks. For example, look at the story of a baby possum who lives undercover as a cat.

Plus, social media offers a lot more clues about cat / possums encounters!

Here is “jJust a little girl talk “between furry faces …

@ jfunkycat.aussie / Instagram

Here the cat Slater wants something from Odetta, the opossum’s delicious dinner!

@ thegratefulpossums / Instagram

“Carol seems to have found a new friend that we should really let in!”

@ angela_anger / Instagram

Odie, the opossum, doesn’t seem to believe in limits and orders his cat horse: “Get up, you lazy beast! We have to ride! ”

@ Odieopossum / Instagram

While cats don’t want to share dinner with the opossum species, there seems to be an unspoken alliance between these creatures of the night. Perhaps cats and possums are linked in their shared hissing skills!

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Feature Image: MrRogers247 / Imgur


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