Eat more? Cats confirmed by the study that final cats really do need a full bowl

It would be no surprise to learn that cats funded a study recently funded by animal nutritionists at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, because the conclusion is in their favor.

Cat parents have often wondered why their kittens are pretending to starve when the food in their bowl falls below an acceptable place. If further research draws similar conclusions, this study could solve the mystery behind the theatrics of cat food bowls!

Get ready, this idea contradicts what we’ve always been told when it comes to keeping cat bellies full and happy.

Full kittens are happy kittens.

The way could be more at once

For the study, the university’s nutritionists selected a sample of eight domestic cats. Each of these cats was initially fed once a day for twenty-one days. Their schedules were then switched to a feeding routine four times a day for an additional period of three weeks.

One would think the cats would enjoy eating more meals throughout the day, but the results did not meet expert expectations.

After blood tests on both types of feeding schedules, it was found that feeding the 8 cats daily was beneficial. Their cat appetite regulating hormones rose to higher levels, which made the cats less hungry throughout the day. And as we know, satiated kittens are happy, calm kittens!

This solo feed approach could also help curb obesity in cats. When fed once throughout the day, their bodies appeared to be immersed in reserves of fat. That is, instead of a cat feeding its chonk, their bodies are eating away the extra pudge!

In addition, higher amounts of protein were recorded, which led the cats to build muscle. Strong muscles help cats stay fit and healthy as they age.

Adronie Verbrugghe, professor and veterinarian at the University of Guelph’s Ontario Veterinary College, said, “These results may surprise the veterinary community and many cat owners who have been told that their animals need several small meals a day.”

Maybe not for every cat

While some cats would be content with one large bowl of chow a day, others might ask for several smaller meals. Really, it’s the feeding schedule that works best for your cat. As a dedicated cat parent, you know what your cats need most!

Your cat will tell you clearly whether you like the daily feeding or not!

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