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Donations Started to Help The Boy Who Tried to Sell His Pokemon Cards to Save His Dog

Sep 1

Bryson Kliemann, an 8 year old came to know that his dog needed an expensive surgery to survive. Bryson, who had collected some Pokémon cards, tried to sell them to save his four month old puppy.

Bryson has been collecting Pokémon cards since he was four years old. When he found out that his puppy, Bruce, needed a medical treatment, he tried to sell his Pokémon card collection by setting up a stand in the front lawn of his house that read “Pokemon 4 SALE”

This story started A few months ago when, in March, Bryson’s family noticed that the puppy they had got from one of their friends is no longer as playful as he once used to be. The dog had become alarmingly lethargic, and found it hard to even leave his crate.

The family took the puppy to the nearest veterinary service hospital, where he was diagnosed with some type of contagious virus called Parvo. If left untreated, the infection of this virus can prove to be deadly for dogs. This happened despite the fact that Bruce had got all the recommended vaccines by Bryson’s mother, who says that she administered the vaccines herself to save some money. You can also check out this story on Hachiko for more details as well.

The Steep Medical Fees

After the Diagnosis, the veterinary clinic mentioned that The minimum bill for a three day stay at the clinic would be $655, and there will be additional expenses for future treatments. The family says that they could not afford that much money since Bryson’s father is the only person who works in the family, and the mother, 26, is still in school.

The family has had other pets in the past, but Bruce was their first dog. The mother says that she never realized how expensive it can be until this happened. She discussed this with her husband and they both agreed that it will be very financially challenging for them to get their dog medically treated.

This is when Bryson stepped in to help his dog. When Bryson shared his plan of selling his Pokémon cards with his mother, she told him not to worry and mentioned that they would somehow manage to provide his dog with proper medical assistance.

The very next day, Bryson set up his table in the yard and displayed his Pokémon card collection. The neighbors gathered to take a look at his card collection as well. Bryson mother tells that he loves Pokémon cards, and he has been collecting these cards for over four years now. That is why he has hundreds of cards in his collection.

Fundraising Started on Social Media

After Bryson’s mother shared a photograph of his son setting up a stand to sell his Pokémon cards in order to encourage the neighbors to buy his cards, many people noticed their financial position, and were willing to help them. Because of the popular demand, Bryson’s mother set up a go fund me page and that is when the donations started pouring in. Many neighbors bought Bryson’s cards from him for a total of $400, and many others gave him their own cards.