Dogs playing billiards

A man walks into a pool hall with his dog … no, this is not the start of a joke – it is a showcase for a dog with the unique ability to play pool. Meet Halo, who learned billiards from owner Josh Kuhn. After Kuhn installed a new pool table in the basement of his Minnesota home, he found that Halo was a regular observer, then an inquisitive participant, as Halo stood on her hind legs, rested her paws on the table, barked at the balls, and ran around, watch and follow the action. Soon Josh caught her curiosity and taught Halo how to play the game by using her paws as a doggie cue.

There is a long history of perfecting trick pool strokes, but rarely has a dog been recorded playing pool with such accuracy. The shots are likely made by her human, but Halo aims and shoves the ball with great shape – straight shots, bench shots, pillow shots – she has an amazing repertoire of incredible technical know-how. She also makes difficult rebound shots, an enviable skill that many people cannot. Have you heard of hand-eye coordination? Halo has an impressive paw-eye coordination! We love the way she tilts her head and aims before hitting the cue ball with controlled force. Just think of the hustle and bustle you might experience with such a remarkable (and charming) pool playing dog! And as a fan of the game might notice, Halo, the pool-playing dog, doesn’t do “dog the nine,” she clears the table with “clear shots,” “really likes it,” and is definitely “tournament tough.”

Since we’re on the subject of the pool, we’d like to show you another dog that has an explosion on the felt – watch Amadeus the Chihuahua clear the table. Turn up the volume and listen, he’s clearly having fun!


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