Dog barks at the door to save neighbors from house fire

As many of us know only too well, July fourth is a scary time to be a dog. Fireworks explosions and crackles scare our poor, confused pups. Not only terrorizing dogs in the neighborhood, but also flammable fireworks can harm people.

On July 4th in Tennessee, an improperly disposed of crackers set a house on fire. The family slept inside when the fire burned without realizing the danger they were in. Fortunately, they lived next to a very attentive rescue dog.

Roux The dog fire alarm

Video evidence showed the fire started around 10:20 p.m., an hour after the fireworks containing combustible materials went in the trash. The fire burned up the outside of the house and reached the attic.

A hero woke up next door. Roux, a 3 year old Belgian Malinois, started barking “frantically and unusually” at the front door of his house. His person, Jeff LeCates, opened the door to see what Roux might be yelling about.

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When LeCates opened the door to his house, Roux ran straight to the door. Then LeCates noticed that his neighbors’ house was on fire. He immediately knocked on her front door to wake her up.

Roux’s bark worked like a miraculous spell. The family of three and their animals were able to escape safely from the house. While LeCates waited for the fire department, he worked on the flames with a garden hose.

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Although the fire caused over $ 50,000 in damage, Roux saved several lives. Good boy Roux!

She helped save him, he helped save her

Incredibly, Roux would never have been in LeCates’ life if it had not been for the woman he had saved from the fire. She works as a dog groomer and knew that Roux needed a home 15 months before. Having recently lost his German Shepherd, LeCates thought Roux could be a great new friend for him. Obviously she was right! And Roux turned out to be a great neighbor too.

German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois are not the same breed, but they have a lot in common. These beautiful dogs make excellent workers. They are distinguished by search and rescue, as well as arresting military suspects. A dog like Roux is clearly a good spectator in an emergency.

Roux, who rescues the person who saved him, is pretty compelling evidence that “everything happens for a reason!” Her story also makes a good argument for the safe and proper use and disposal of fireworks. But most of the time, it’s just one more thing to love about dogs.

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