Dog abused rescued in viral video by Houston SPCA

A few days ago, a puppy named Max was in the spotlight when a horrific video went viral. The video shows Max being kicked and punched while a viewer films and others laugh. The video of the attack with Max whimpering and trying to save himself can be hard to take for some dog lovers.

Fortunately, a friendly member of the community found Max after the attack. She kept it and looked after it before handing it over to the Houston SPCA.


The cause of the attack

The woman who attacked 20-year-old Max Jaymeshia Trenay Vigneclaimed she was doing this for self defense. She said Max jumped on her five-year-old son, who fell to the floor crying. During the episode, Max scratched it behind his ear. He later jumped into their vehicle. The video shows Jaymeshia trying to get him out of the vehicle.

After the video went viral, a Houston police officer reached out to Jaymeshia to hear her side of the story. Jaymeshia admitted that she attacked the dog, but it was only because she was upset that her son was attacked. She also wanted the dog to get out of her car, so she hit him. Jaymeshia claimed she didn’t know the videographer or the laughing onlookers as she tried to remove Max from her car.

Jaymeshia noted that she was particularly concerned about death threats and other violent words directed against her and her son since the attack. She was later arrested and charged with cruelty to a non-animal.

A mother dog to the rescue

The Houston SPCA held a press conference about the missing Max. The organization was distributing leaflets in a neighborhood in southeast Houston, and this is where a friendly dog ​​owner contacted the lost puppy. She had taken care of Max since she found him after the attack and was more than happy to turn him over to the organization knowing he would be safe.

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Max took a full exam at Houston SPCA. He is not yet available for adoption due to criminal investigations. Hopefully there will be more updates on Max soon!

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Check out the sweet moment Max was released into the care of the Houston SPCA:

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