Does your dog pull on a leash? Five tips to help out your best friend

Leash training is an important part of your pet’s development. Some pets can walk easily on a leash while others can struggle. Whether you have a new puppy, adult dog, or a household with multiple dogs, learning to walk on a leash can be helpful for a number of reasons. Of course, some pets can walk well on a leash and encounter behavior problems later on. Fortunately, we sat down with Trupanion veterinary technician Aubrey Halvorsen to learn more about how to help your dog when he is pulling on a leash and tips for a stress-free walk.

Pulling a dog or a puppy on a leash? Tips to help out your furry friend

Does your dog pull on a leash?  You may need to look into alternative pet care products like a harness or loose leash to help curb your dog's behavioral characteristics.

1.Take your time for a walk

Taking a walk is a great opportunity for you to bond with your pet. Take your time and really be in the moment and give your pet your undivided attention. Forego technology and opt for a walk. No time limit, pending plans or errands, just be in the moment and go for a walk and enjoy the outdoors with your best friend.

2.A chest strap can help your dog

There are a variety of leashes, collars, and harnesses that can suit your dog. Try a few options as your dog’s breed, size, or temperament may require a specific style for a comfortable experience. For example, a chest strap or a gentle leader can be a safe option to keep your best friend healthy and happy along the way.

3.Try different training techniques

Every dog ​​is different. While some can get basic training with ease, others may need a new way of working on something. Some puppies or breeds of dogs may have different energy levels, especially when it comes to preparing for a walk. After all, they are probably looking forward to going outdoors with their best friend. Play ball, frisbee, or interactive game before your afternoon stroll. Your dog’s energy may be a little more balanced after spending time together.

4thTalk to your veterinarian

Your veterinarian is a great resource when it comes to your pet’s development, training, and general well-being. They can help provide some resources, particularly recommending best practices for your pet. While every dog ​​has different behavioral traits, they can help personalize your pet’s training and track your pet’s progress. They can also recommend a dog trainer if necessary.

5.You take the lead along the way

Taking a walk can help enrich and stimulate your pet. For example, a new park, a dog nearby, or even a flock of birds can upset your dog. Opt for a loose leash and always keep your dog next to you. For example, if you see a pet or animal on a leash, you never know how to react. By keeping them close to you but conveniently on a leash, you can keep them safe at all times. The last thing you want is to be dragged down the street by your furry friend, which could harm you or your pet.

Does your dog pull on a leash?  Try to take small breaks, work on basic training, and take the lead.

Pull dog on leash? Start with the training basics and talk to your veterinarian

If you have a puppy, leash training can be beneficial as it creates a solid foundation for dog walking etiquette. While a puppy trained on a leash is ideal, you might have a dog that is untrained, and that’s fine. However, if you start with simple training tips, consult your veterinarian, and track your pet’s progress, your dog may be ready for a walk in no time.

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