Does your cat love water?

One afternoon, a few years ago, my cat captain Jack Sparrow was with me in my back yard. He strolled to a glazed flower pot saucer filled with water and began to drink. The saucer was on a concrete springboard on the corner of my terrace.

Birds bathed in the water, squirrels drank the water, and so did Jack.

I joked with him that the water must have tasted like birdie feet, hence its attraction to it. He would proudly walk away from his chin with drops of water.

Jack loved to drink like a lion in the wild. Because he liked this saucer of water, I kept it filled with clean water when he came to my house.

Jack continued with an increased love of water over the years, from drinking to standing in it.

Jack is waiting for a drink in the shower.

I moved into a smaller house with a small fenced yard around which I had border gardens. Four glazed saucers now provide water in the gardens and stand on flower pots. This makes the saucers chin-high to Jack, who loves to stand and drink from them at will.

I also put a red glazed saucer on a yellow flower pot in my kitchen and kept it full to the brim with bottled water. Jack and my other two cats drank from it a lot.

Now I have a bubbly pet fountain that circulates bottled water and has an adjustable level of water flow.

When I run an oscillating sprinkler in the gardens, Jack purposely goes under the water droplets and licks them off his fur.

When it rains, he stands on an ottoman next to a window above my porch and meows. He wants to run on the roof in the rain, trot over the shingles to the gutter to drink, and lick water from his fur.

When I open the fridge and slide the lid of a gallon jug of bottled water, Jack hears it, rushes into the kitchen and stands next to me, waiting for a drink.

A glass of cold water isn’t the only drink Jack finds attractive. He also loves juice or iced tea. He’ll see me sitting somewhere in the house and climb to the drinking vessel. He dips his whole head into the glass to reach the liquid with his tongue.

Does your cat love water?

Jack after a shower.

Jack’s obsession with drinking initially alerted me that he might have a health problem like diabetes. However, blood tests show that he is fine.

Cats often experience low thirst, which can lead to dehydration and urinary tract problems. Cat owners sometimes find it difficult to lure their pet to water sources and get them to drink.

Fortunately, this is not a problem for Jack. My vet told me to give him as much water as he wants, but he wants it.

You can imagine my big eyes as he appeared behind me in my bathtub while I showered. He meowed at me, soaked his fur, and jumped back out of the tub.

I now have a walk-in shower. Jack always stood in the shower and meowed until I turned on the water. I would turn on the shower head and it would bite the water droplets as they sprinkled over it.

Now I let the detachable shower head dangle and it hovers right over his head. I let the water trickle down so he can access it as he wishes.

I smile at the love Jack has for water and the name I’ve given him that fits his personality.

I originally called him Sparrow because he was found a kitten under a bush and was fascinated by a flock of sparrows in the branches above. His name turned into Captain Jack Sparrow because I loved the character in Pirates of the Caribbean films. My feline Jack also displays Captain Jack’s polite and funny personality.

Just as Captain Jack Sparrow was standing at the bow of a ship, smiling with salty sea mist on his face, my Jack ran to lawn sprinklers, a trickling shower head, and the canopy when it rains.

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