Cute kitten cuddles up to cat and won’t let go after being found alone

An orphaned tabby kitten snuggled up against a cat in his foster home and would not let go of it.

Nashville Cat Rescue

A few months ago, a 2-year-old orange and white cat named Mia and her kittens were brought to Nashville Cat Rescue, a Tennessee volunteer rescue facility, for a better life.

The small family was placed in foster care so that the infatuated mother cat could have a comfortable home to raise her babies. Mama Mia devoted herself entirely to her five-headed litter and took care of all of her needs.

While Mia’s own kittens were blooming, the foster mother came home with two little orphans who were in dire need of motherly love. Mia didn’t hesitate and took them as her own and began to take care of them.

Nashville Cat Rescue

Over the next few weeks, Mia raised her extended litter of seven with the help of her loving foster family. The kittens blossomed into happy, wild bundles of energy. When they were big enough to spread their wings and fly one by one, they left their foster home for adoption.

Mia kept waiting for the right family to find their way. Suddenly her room was quiet without the kittens’ fuss. She got a little lonely and sat alone in her room most of the day.

Rescue couldn’t bear to see Mia sad and alone, knowing that she could benefit from company.

Cat, nursing cat, kittenNashville Cat Rescue

It was around this time that Nashville Cat Rescue took in a tiny motherless kitten named Speck after it was rescued from a shelter. The ginger boy has a pair of unique looking eyes that don’t require any special care.

The cute tabby was instantly a love bug. He insisted on being with a friend and refused to be alone after his time at the shelter.

Bacon cried all the way to his nursing home, where Mia was waiting for him.

Nashville Cat Rescue

“He started purring as soon as he stepped out of the carrier and met Momma Mia. They fell in love instantly and Mia’s mood has been high ever since. We couldn’t separate such a special couple,” said Nashville Cat Rescue.

The 3 month old ginger cat was quickly tied to its new mother. He wanted to cuddle and cling to her for as long as she allowed him to. The feeling was mutual for Mia, who happily kept her new baby company and showered him with licks and unconditional love.

Their connection was immediate, as if these two should be together.

Cat, kitten, cuddlingNashville Cat Rescue

Bacon finds solace in Mia’s delightful chirping and purring. All he wants to do is wrap his little paws around them and soak up love. Mia is so excited to have a baby to take care of again.

“Momma Mia and Bacon are the cutest mommy and adopted baby. They both have cute personalities and are loving, calm kittens,” added Nashville Cat Rescue. “Mom can be calm and vigilant until she knows she is safe. Bacon loves everyone and especially loves being held. Together they make a perfect little couple.”

Nashville Cat Rescue

Mia and Speck are looking for a home together forever so that they can continue their cuddle party in their own place.

Bacon is the happiest he’s ever had with a loving mother by his side.

Nashville Cat Rescue

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