Crisscross applesauce: 23 adorable cats and dogs crossing their paws for the camera

Cats and dogs are too pure. We don’t deserve their preciousness!

Our fur babies are always adorable, but sometimes these cute little angels are especially cute. Both cats and dogs have mastered the art of charm, and certain movements, like tilting your head or rolling your stomach up, only reduce us to their incredible daydream!

And one of the cutest moves ever that makes us give our living beings everything they want is to cross the paws!

Puppies look so fetching with crossed paws. And kittens are just so primitive and neat with their legs crossed. Those furry legs outstretched long with politely aligned paws make us cute-cluttered-melty, so let’s get love drunk and gush over some adorable photos of cats and dogs crossing their paws …

Crossed paws correspond to cute pictures of cats and dogs

Cats are cute when they sit so fancy, but why do cats cross their paws? Because it’s convenient, stupid! And kittens are all about comfort, as Mila demonstrates so well …

@ mila.ebba.thebirmancats / Instagram

Why do dogs cross their legs? Same as cats! Dogs are connoisseurs of comfort, and crossing paws not only feels good, but looks good too. Roush serves as a beautiful and smiling example …

@roush ___ / Instagram

Oh! Check out this trio of doxies, so cute, so polite with all three pairs of paws so comfortably crossed …

@ the_daxie_trouble / Instagram

The Zelda cat sits with patient paws and announces: “T.I try to show my best behavior while my brother is getting better. I’m bored without him. “Get well soon, Ziggy!

@ ziggyandzeldacat / Instagram

Graceful Grace is now comfortable with her paws crossed and her headscarf tied, but if the squirrels are wrong there will be problems!

@ graceful_grace16 / Instagram

With such fantastically fluffy paws to cross, “Frenchie is very dignified.”

@ Unicorn_Shimmer / Twitter

Bailey enjoys some daydreams in the sunshine with her dog paws stretched and crossed …

@ jersey_peluchinos / Instagram

In his flawless pair of white socks that are so nicely crossed, this floating ginger cat sits “comfortably on any pocket”.

@ Susanalmon / Twitter

Asher and Yogi assure that their polite paws are so perfectly placed: “Yes, we put all our toys away! “

@ asher.and.yogi / Instagram

Yes, kittens find the crossing of paws so convenient; The next logical step is to yawn followed by a nap …

@ Punkyandremi / Instagram

Reginald the Goose needs you to know, “I’m so crazy.” Yes, you are, you fine kitten …

@ reginaldthegoose / Instagram

Appearance! Have you ever seen paws crossed in the air? The wild dog Shadow shows us how …

@ shadowstaywild / Instagram

Shivon, the cat, asks, “If I promised to only scratch my cat scratcher and nothing else in the house BUT I crossed my paws, does that really count? Asking for a friend … “

@ shivonthecat / Instagram

Little Luna has already learned the best manners; Just look at those polite puppy paws!

@ Mamawal / Twitter

Bow to the master of the fluff, you can kiss the paw …

@ sherylreb / ​​Twitter

Pretty paws crossed, Phoebe and Ollie woke up “like dis … FLAWLESS!”

@ phoebe.ollie.barney_ / Instagram

Maxzilla, a pretty tabby cat, offers his perfect paws for the human minions to enjoy his majesty!

@ maxzillacat / Instagram

Has the cute puppy Noodle crossed his hind paws? Yes he does! Pure treasure …

@ thenoodlesausage / Instagram

A gallery of dogs and cats crossing their paws? “This is Rily’s time to shine; he loves to cross his paws! “

@ Cult_Archaeo / Twitter

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Feature Image: @ mila.ebba.thebirmancats / Instagram & @ phoebe.ollie.barney_ / Instagram


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