Couple finds cat in their apartment after moving in, but they don’t own a cat

An orange tabby cat was visiting a couple in their new apartment one day and he kept coming back.

Morgan @bisousmorgan

Morgan Hizar and her boyfriend moved to their new apartment in Paris, France a few months ago. When the weather got better, they left the door open. One night an unexpected little visitor appeared out of the blue and strutted right inside.

The couple were stunned to find an orange cat in their home as they did not own a pet. The confident cat casually went to the couch as if she owned it. “Coincidentally (earlier that day) I asked my friend to get a fish because he was just lonely with the two of us. It was a sign,” Morgan told Love Meow.

The orange tabby was friendly and quickly showed his human friends how much he enjoyed being petted and cuddled. He was very clean and full, which led the couple to believe that the cat belongs to a nearby neighbor.

Neighbor cat, visit

The cat showed up one day and kept coming back to Morgan @bisousmorgan

After that fateful day, the cat kept coming back and eventually decided to visit the couple’s house on a daily basis.

“He comes by every day, sometimes several times a day while someone is home, to let him come and go,” Morgan told Love Meow.

The neighbor cat loves lounging on the couchMorgan @bisousmorgan

“The first thing he does every time he walks in is wandering around every part of the apartment. He always finds the new things right away, sniffs them out if there is something, and then hops over to cuddle up . “

The tabby makes himself very comfortable and knows his way around the couple’s apartment. He enjoys lounging on the couch or in bed and indulging in a long grooming session before dozing off with his people nearby.

Morgan @bisousmorgan

When Morgan’s friend is working on the computer, the cat doesn’t hesitate to supervise him at the desk or take over his chair when he finds an opportunity. If he discovers an empty round, he crawls in, curls up into a ball and immediately goes to sleep.

Check out the neighbor cat in this cute video:

Cat visits the couple’s home every day

The couple has started calling their neighbor cat Caramelo and knows his routine whenever he comes around.

“He’s very friendly, lovable and talkative and will always meow us. He’s also become more playful,” shared Morgan Love Meow.

Morgan @bisousmorgan

“When friends are over, he is not shy at all. He will approach everyone and continue to feel at home.”

After talking to some of the neighbors, they were able to find the owner of the cat. “My friend found out that the cat belongs to an old man who also lives in the building,” added Morgan. “I’d like to give the owner a small treat to say ‘hello’ and ‘we love your cat’.”

Neighbour's cat

Morgan @bisousmorgan

The tabby has brought so much joy and laughter to the couple since they moved in. They are absolutely delighted with the cat and so happy to be able to share their home with their favorite neighbor.

“It’s his world. We only live in it.”

Morgan @bisousmorgan

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