CattyCorner: The Haunted Forrest Wisewhiskers

Ghoulish greetings to my paw-like minions and cat cohorts.

The season of the witch and her familiar cat is just around the corner!

Cats, be happy about your creepy ways!

But a reminder to my cat brothers for this scariest season of the year. While it is our time to shine, we must remember safety. Kitten, stay on Halloween. Cuddle up to your paws while they watch a scary movie.

You hear that cat henchmen Keep your cats in a safe place on Halloween. Kittens can complain, but it’s for their safety.

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In celebration of these haunted evenings, let me tell my terrible story. This means that the fur stands on your spine!

The haunted Forrest Wisewhiskers

The night rang with thunder and heavy rain. You know, the perfect kind of scary story. And the hour was late, even creepier, wasn’t it?

My parents had slept for hours when I woke from my slumber, my whiskers tingling against the midnight air.

The wind whipped the windows and threw the rain into the glass. My ears could only hear the storm and the voice whispered in its force.

“Forrest,” sighed the wind. “Who’s in the kitchen?”

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Now I’m not a scared cat, but my paws just wouldn’t leave the couch when I realized the wind had spoken true. I wasn’t alone in my awakening, someone else was around. But both mom and dad were still in their room. I and a few others weren’t among them.

Although the storm was screaming outside, the silence inside was thick and easy to break with a crunch from the kitchen. The sound of teeth erasing something hard and turning it into a pile of dust.

In the process, I jumped off the couch, something almost afraid to ride under my damn curiosity.

Slowly I approached on quiet paws, and the terrible crunch grew louder and more hectic.

Crunch, crunch, smack, smack.

Crunch, crunch, smack, smack.

The noise kept rubbing my nerves as my feet kicked into their sick rhythm. Until I finally put my toes on the tile floor.

And found nothing!

The kitchen was empty.

Halloween safety cats
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When the fear that had befallen me washed away, I paused in the dark kitchen and focused on the scariest sight of all.

The bowl that I left half full of snacks was empty!

Halloween cat
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I still haven’t recovered from my shock or found out who the phantom eater could have been. Oh, but you can believe I was watching the bowl closely to make sure this terror never comes back. So far so good, but I want your cat to never experience such horror, so a reminder for you humans …

Don’t forget to feed the cat.

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