CattyCorner: Meet Forrest Wisewhiskers, an exclusive interview

Greetings to our paw-like fellow human beings!

In this edition of CattyCorner we bring you something different. The wise advice of cat correspondent Forrest Wisewhiskers has caught the attention of cat lovers everywhere and people want more about this smart tabby boy.

Adriana Sandoval, assistant editor at, sat down with Forrest for an exclusive interview. There was a lot of chin scratching and purring as the couple enjoyed a warm afternoon in Forrest’s favorite spot, his chair on the porch, where the sun is just right.

Meet Forrest Wisewhiskers

AS: You mention that you were wild once. How did you become the house cat you are today?

FW: When I was around 4 years old, people started taking care of my wild cat colony. I would speak to some people from afar if they passed out food for us. But I kept my distance until I discovered a respiratory infection that hit the colony. I felt rough and just didn’t have the energy to run away when a woman walked right up to me. My eyes were goopy and runny, but I remember her blinking at me. As if she wanted to show me that she was a friend even though we spoke different languages.

This friendliness did something to me.

It made me popular with people.

Which was good because the lady took me and everything changed. I went to a shelter and then to a nursing home because people said I needed extra love. Turns out I made an excellent house cat. No wonder I’m impressive.

After getting better after a neutral operation (whoa, what a shock) and my infection, I stayed at the shelter to meet people who wanted to adopt. My parents found me there and I came home forever. That was almost ten years ago.

AS: What do you remember about the shelter or the rescue?

FW: The shelter was the busiest place I’ve ever been and I’ve lived with wild cats! There were so many other cats and many of them were worried about being in an unfamiliar environment. I started speaking to them, learning their stories, and absorbing the wisdom I now share with my servants.

At the shelter I also realized how much people can love. No matter what, the staff and volunteers at the shelter went out of their way to make us kittens as comfortable and happy as possible when looking for homes.

AS: What do you like best about living with people? What do you really dislike?

FW: People are great. I was a strange cat in the colony because I didn’t care about people. They brought food and kind words. Many wild cats don’t know anything about this. I wish more of my cat cohorts understood that most people just want to help them. But what can I say, cats are naturally scary.

The only thing people try is neediness. Like dogs, people need a lot of attention and that really breaks into naps and meal plans. I can’t tell you how often I sleep and mom takes me in because she says I need a hug. I know the truth, she needs the hug, but whatever she has to think. Really, I enjoy hugging, it makes me purr. And tickle my furry stripes, people love to hear a good purr.

AS: Speaking of dogs, what do you think of the type of dogs?

FW: Dogs drool too much and smell weird. They’re too hyper for my liking, but I think their stupidity is amusing. From a distance, no dog drools on me, thank you very much.

AS: Do you have any advice for people looking to adopt a cat?

FW: Getting a cat always seems like the best idea, and while doing so, consider your home and lifestyle first. People say cats are far more independent than dogs and are fine when left to their own devices. But cats need more attention and love than most people realize. Don’t adopt a cat just to leave it alone in your house all the time.

Most people want to have a kitten too, but I just want to remind people, don’t forget to consider adult and older cats. They are often overlooked in animal shelters because kittens are fluffy and irresistible. Maybe you could adopt a kitten and a senior!

I would also like to come up with an idea when it comes to the baby rafts. If you do decide that you need kitten gadgets in your life, you might consider adopting two when you don’t have other cats at home.

AS: You have spoken about common cat quirks in the past – what would you say is your strangest quirks, and why are you doing it?

FW: I love potato chips. Their salty delicacy is simply unbeatable. First, I like to lick the salt off and then I grind it up before it gets too wet under my tongue. Mama is picky, though. She only gives me simple chips because she says some spices can make cats sick. And she only ever gives me one thing that I think is stupid, but she says too much fat is not good for me. She’s right, but I’m not telling her I said it because I want more chips. I love salt, it reminds me of delicious sea fish …

AS: Any “simple joys” that you particularly like?

FW: Oh yes. Simple joys make the world round. A full bowl of food, cozy blankets, both great. But my favorite pleasure is sleeping in a puddle with afternoon sun.

AS: We would like to ask you to look into a very controversial issue as we respect your opinion – wet or dry food?

FW: My opinion? Why choose If it is made for eating, it should be eaten. Some cats refuse one or the other, but they are only doing themselves a disservice. Wet and dry food make a cat’s belly full, healthy and happy! Think of it this way: would you just eat the fries and not the burger?

Also, just eating dry food, like eating french fries, can lead a cat to obesity because dry food is high in carbohydrates. As protein monsters, a diet of only carbonated dry food can make us plump. Eating wet helps us stay slim. With that in mind, here is my purring way of eating …

A portion of wet food when I get up in the morning, then a few bites of nibbles here and there throughout the day, covered with a shot of more wet food in the evening. Snacks and treats are also served. But every cat’s body has its own dietary preferences. Feed your cat according to its needs and tastes, but do your best to include some wet food. Kittens will surely let you know if you are not feeding to their liking.

AS: How could the world be different if cats were in charge?

FW: What do you mean by “if” cats were responsible? Cats have run the world behind the scenes since we first cushioned the earth. Cat lovers have surely realized this, but kittens are just waiting for the furless minions to spread the word. From the state of social media, it looks like the message of world domination of cats is spreading. You only know, when the whole world has learned the truth, there will be moulting and overflowing food bowls for those who take their knees and swear their feline allegiance.

And there you have it, a glimpse into the minds of the wisest of whiskers! Read on CattyCorner to learn more about your cat through a cat’s advice and opinion. Who better to ask?!?

Forrest insisted we include his important memory of cat parents, so …

Don’t forget to feed the cat!

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