CattyCorner: I’ll meow at the closed door until its secrets are revealed

Greetings, my paw-like human minions and cat cohorts.

Forrest here, angry and betrayed to come to you …

Why am I being cheated, you ask?

Well, the first thing to know about my home: we don’t close the doors. Yes, the front and back doors remain closed to shut out the dangers of the wild world. The interior doors remain open at all times, however, as everything within these walls is in my domain.

And do you know what my father did?

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He closed the door to what Mama calls the “guest room”. There is nothing left in my area; All the locations are mine, which I can access when I choose! And suddenly Dad thinks he can just close a door that was always open?

When I discovered the closed door, I did what any self-respecting cat could do and meowed at the door. Then I kept meowing. Nobody corrected this injustice, so I started meowing and turned up the volume until I heard my plea echo off the wooden floors.

Even so, no one came to open the door and let the suffering of my curiosity go on!

I returned to the meow song, but now I put the noise of my paws under the door and shook it in its frame. Finally my mother came and I told her about my father’s injustice. She just picked me up, carried me away from the scene, and said, “Forrest, you can’t go in now.”

My cat friends, you can feel this sting, I’m sure of it. You know how important it is to be able to access your territory. And then, to be carted away from the insult, they said it was no longer mine to see her. Hmph, I say!

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I wriggled out of my mother’s embrace and rushed back to the door, screaming my plight. What’s in there that I can’t see How dare my parents exclude me from my rightful territory!

I vowed to scream to myself then and there until the door was opened and access to my territory re-established. But the nap soon broke off, and my vows were rewritten for returning after slumber.

Why do cats meow on closed doors?

And now that I’ve sat on the couch for an afternoon nap, it’s safe for me to talk to you about why cats meow at closed doors.

Closing the door may have no consequence to you humans, but such a small thing comes as a big surprise to cats because our homes are the areas we know. And believe me, we know every inch of our pounding space.

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It seems that we don’t care about all of our space and don’t visit parts of it very often. But we’ll take care of it. Oh, maybe you don’t see us investigating a place, but we have, oh, we have …

To be clear, cats meow at locked doors because the sudden refusal of access puts the cats’ curiosity into overdrive along with our vocal cords.

Mom and Dad took turns pulling me away from the door with toys and hugs, but I don’t forget. And mom had the courage to say that all I had to do was get used to the door being closed. She also mumbled something clever about her eardrum, which was suffering with me.

I also feel … wait, wait! I hear papa opening the door! I have to go, but as always …

Don’t forget to feed the cat.

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