CattyCorner: 17 hackneyed cat jokes that will make you laugh and possibly moan

Say hi to my paw-like human minions and cat cohorts.

Forrest here feeling a little naughty after my dad’s comedy jam this morning.

Should i explain?

My father is a prankster. One of his favorite things to do is tell me silly cat jokes. The minions laugh, but I tend to flick an ear back as it’s the perfect equivalent of the human eyeroll. Not because he’s not funny, just because some of his funny things are downright moaning.

But because you love cats as much as he does, you’ll likely like some of his more classic punch lines.

Yes, it’s important to me, that’s why I give you cat jokes.

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Corny Cat jokes to make your human friends laugh

# 1 – What is a cat’s favorite color?

Answer: purr!

# 2 – How do you know yourself when a cat is excited?

Answer: She’s having a hissing fit!

# 3 – why can’t cats play poker in the jungle?

Answer: Too many cheetahs!

# 4 – How do cats get over a fight?

They hiss and put on makeup!

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# 5 – where do cats go to get a new tail?

Answer: The Re-Tail Shop!

# 6 – If lights run on electricity and cars run on gas, what do cats walk on?

Answer: your paws!

# 7 – why do cats always prevail?

Answer: They purr suasively!

# 8 – what are kittens wearing in bed?

Answer: Paw-jamas!

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# 9 – Asked by a cat: why did the chicken cross the street?

Answer: I followed it!

# 10 – what do cats eat on a hot day?

Answer: Mice cream cone!

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# 11 – what do you call a bunch of kittens?

Answer: A meow!

# 12 – what do you call a cat who drinks lemonade?

Answer: a sour hangover!

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# 13 – How do we know the earth isn’t flat?

Answer: If it were so, cats would have pushed everything off the edge!

# 14 – what do you call a cat that eats beans?

Answer: Puss ‘n’ Toots!

# 15 – Want to hear a bad cat joke?

Answer: Kittens only, there are no bad cat jokes!

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# 16 – what do you call a cat that goes bowling?

Answer: An alley cat!

# 17 – What’s the difference between a cat and a comma?

Answer: One has claws on the end of his paws, the other is a pause at the end of a clause!

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Despite all of my moans over funny cat jokes, I have to admit that the last one is pretty good. I give up two paws!

But guess what, the food bowl is not a joke! All jokes aside, dinner is serious business and leads me to this memory …

Don’t forget to feed the cat.

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