Cats with jobs: No freeloading cats here!

Is your cat dragging its weight around the house? Sure, there’s the purr and the cuddle, but cat food is expensive! Does Kitty step on that? How about the trash and the toys? Probably not because cats know they don’t have to work for our love.

That said, there are some cats who can’t stand idle paws, so keep them hard at work. And the r / CatsWithJobs subreddit celebrates those kitties who work hard to bring the catnip home. With 471,000 fans, it’s safe to say that people are seeing images of “kitties work hard or hardly. “

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You won’t find freeloading cats here, but you will smile and laugh as you enjoy these functional hangovers!

Cats with jobs

“# 1 Rated Uber Driver”

u / jackuriah / reddit

“‘Permission to Board Cattain?’ “Refused.” – Cattain MochaBean probably. “

u / sailorekb / Reddit

“Senior Developer Reviewing My Code.”

u / MotoChondrion / Reddit

“Yes – those are definitely termites that you got there. I’m calling my team. “

u / easyncheesy / Reddit

“Bodyguard Cat” says don’t mess with my dog ​​friend!

u / natisan5 / Reddit

“Franklin was fired from his previous job as a plumber and is now an ophthalmologist. I trust him very scientifically. “

u / hard_snard / Reddit

I’m the police, I have to protect Hoomans! “

u / regian24 / Reddit

“Della – Treat Negotiations Manager”

u / parhsami_squid / Reddit

“Jak-Jak has decided to preheat the saddle pads for the horses.”

u / ZG1400AF / Reddit

I am an experienced antique packer. “

u / StabsMcTabby / Reddit

When cats are not working, they keep an eye on things at home. But watch out, these 21 curious cats are the most curious neighbors of all time!

“Cat is going to assassinate a coin.”

u / harlotScarlett / Reddit

“The Caterinary Assistant”

u / ShapeShiftingCats / Reddit

“Official project bread.”

u / allyourcrappaccinos / Reddit

Sticky note holder. “

u / Fry_Cook_On_Venus / Reddit

Lawn mowing service, reasonable prices. “

in / brindlewc / Reddit

“Pole Dancer.”

u / forrestgrumpf / Reddit

“Purrfessional Rapper.”

u / the_pizzacat / Reddit

When it comes to Xbox repair, “the claws are perfect for the tiny screws.”

u / retroconsolerepairs / Reddit

“The factory navigation system has been updated to this …”

u / hardtofindauserid / Reddit

Do you know what else is funny? Cats caught standing on their hind legs! Those cats that stand up will make you fall down laughing.

“Butters helped me find the tools I needed today.”

u / pickled_philanges / Reddit

“Official bird scarer.”

and / VaiRaiChu / Reddit

“I want everyone to meet my new sound producer – he doesn’t do much other than sit there, but 100% would recommend it.”

u / Brave_Youth6097 / Reddit

“Piano teacher, ‘Have you practiced your scales?'”

in / LordHybe / Reddit

“Stair barricade ‘nobody climbs or falls without my knowledge!'”

u / Ghost-Duck / Reddit

“Miau earn keep.”

u / Money_Magazine4162 / Reddit

“Professional Player”

u / FatChubbyCat / Reddit

“Bodega Cat works hard to keep the products safe!”

u / specialvixen / Reddit

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