Cat strolls in for a snack and chooses a snooze instead

It’s not uncommon for cats to stroll into stores and make themselves comfortable on the shelves. As we know, cats own every room they are in, private or in the public domain. And a Tesco market in Rugby, Warwickshire, UK, was taken up by a rather purring kitten with an obvious appetite for life.

He is known in the store and comes and goes as he pleases, but customers in the store are sometimes surprised to see the white cat and gray tabby tail cushion the aisles.

Melanie Morris-Jones was a shopper who was surprised that the stout cat was spread out in an aisle. And she was so upset with the cat that she had to take a picture.

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It seems that the chubby cat knew exactly where to find the cat food in his favorite store and went to the cat food aisle. Fortunately, the Go Cat Crunch was within reach. And the Tesco cat has a picky taste and goes for the more expensive box! Or could it be that he wanted the bigger box to fill his fat belly?

Whatever his motivation for that particular box of nibbles, the kitten got sleepy in the middle of the Snack Heist and decided to settle right there in the aisle. Melanie stumbled over the cat and her gaze “Can I help you?” And said: “I came across the cat that was lying next to the box of cat food that she had knocked off. It was clearly trying to get food, but I don’t know that it must have just given up. “

Snack n ‘Snooze Regular

Dazed Melanie went to the checkout and said: “I asked the cashier if she knew that there was a cat in the aisle of the pet.”

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“She said yes, she knew it was there and that it was a regular. I’m not sure who it belongs to – but it was completely relaxed. The cat looked like she didn’t care. “

And Melanie certainly has a right to it. This kitten needs to have a home, or at least some friends around the area, because cats won’t get chubby without lots of snacks. And stray cats usually have to hunt for their dinner, which means they’re usually not that deliciously plump. That comes after we find a forever home to give them the love and snacks it takes to round off a kitten bump!

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Whatever the history of the Tesco cat, it looks pretty good! And he’s not a cat that is afraid of getting what he wants. Whether snack or snooze!

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