Cat so happy to put her 7 kittens in warm home after years of living on the streets

A stray cat is so fortunate to have her seven kittens in a safe home after wandering the streets for a couple of years.

Carmen Weinberg

A cat had been wandering around a horse farm in Wellington, Florida for some time. A worker named Maximo started tending to the friendly stray when she got to his RV. A while later, he noticed that the cat was pregnant.

He put towels in a laundry basket so the cat could have a better place for kittens. He continued to look after the cat family until the litter of seven was large enough to be on their way. Hoping to bring the cat and kittens to a good home, he contacted Carmen Weinberg, founder of the Animal Friends Project.

“He called me and asked me for help because the kittens had climbed out of the basket on their own,” Carmen said to Love Meow.

Carmen Weinberg

“The mother had lived in the area for a few years and this was her second litter.”

Carmen hurried into the area to check on the family of eight. When she arrived, she met a friendly mother cat and a basket with very demanding kittens.

Carmen Weinberg

“It was going to get cold so I went to check the situation. The kittens were very hungry when I picked them up. The poor mother must have been relieved to have help feeding all of these babies.”

Carmen reached out to the rescue community in hopes of bringing the cat family into foster homes. Yesenia Perez, founder of Bella’s Promise Pet Rescue, immediately stepped forward to help.

Carmen Weinberg

They wasted no time and jumped into action. “Yesenia told me that she found a volunteer caregiver to host,” said Carmen Love Meow.

The mother cat finally said goodbye to life on the street and set off on a new journey with her kittens.

Carmen Weinberg

“She was very hungry and devoured the canned food I gave her. Some of the kittens came running to eat too,” said Carmen Love Meow.

Check out the little family in this video:

Stray cat and kitten

The kittens were a little thin despite their mother’s efforts to feed them. They immediately dipped into the wet food and started eating, which was a good sign.

The mother cat was finally able to relax. She lay down on the clean floor and was so grateful that she had help feeding all seven very hungry mouths.

Carmen Weinberg

After Carmen filled her bellies, she and Foster Volunteer Randy took them to their new accommodation.

Randy set up a room with plenty of food, blankets, toys, and a couple of cardboard boxes for the kittens to wrestle in.

Randy at Bella’s Promise Pet Rescue

The sweet mom will never have to go through a pregnancy again and from now on she will be able to enjoy life as a pampered house cat.

“The kittens are so lucky to have a place to run around.”

Carmen Weinberg

The little bundles of fur still have a lot to do. They are busy playing and improving their feline skills while their mother watches over them.

The family of eight will enjoy this holiday season in a warm, cozy home away from the elements.

Carmen Weinberg

Once big enough, the kittens and their mother will be neutered and neutered and can be adopted through Bella’s Promise Pet Rescue.

The mother eats like a champion, enjoys all the attention and pets, and loves the insides.

Carmen Weinberg

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