Cat plays postman leading to pen pal fun between neighbors

Who needs social media when you can have cat mail with purrsonalized service?

Not Zack King and his girlfriend Olga or their friendly neighbors!

Thanks to Zack and Olga’s cat Billy, they found an old-fashioned pen-pals exchange with no help from anything electronic. All that was needed was some creativity, a couple of brightly colored pens, and four little paws that love to hike.

And Billy certainly had the wandering paws as part of the formula as he regularly roamed the neighborhood. As Zack told the dodo, his boy Billy is “curious, lively, and confident”. All the things that make an intrepid adventurer!

“He loves to relax and when he sleeps he sleeps. But he’s usually in and out of his cat flap all day, coming to say ‘hello’ before heading out to play and explore again. “

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His adventures may have been unknown to his humans, but one day a strange attachment to Billy’s collar illuminated one of the tuxedo cat’s targets.

Contact made

One day when Billy came back from his roundabouts, Olga noticed something on his collar. It was a note wrapped in plastic wrap. Channeling their cat’s curiosity, the couple opened the note and found greetings from a neighbor:

“Your cat likes to visit us when it’s outside. He will sit by the door and meow to be let in. It’s really fun and we love it! We have no idea where he’s from. What is his name? We call him Billy. From your friendly neighbors! “

Zack and Olga were delighted with the discovery and said they had never thought of doing anything like this, but the cat parents were “very happy to hear such a sweet message, just to let us know that Billy likes other human beings Friends and is fine. like.”

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The couple immediately replied and were delighted when another message arrived in the mail from Billy. The neighbors called Billy “a carrier pigeon, but cuter” and insured that the black and white cat received a lot of “chin scratches and love” with every visit.

Colorful notes and prescription sharing via Cat Post

However, the contact did not end there. With the country of England locked, the two households found ample time to take notes, and Zack reported, “We shared TV and Netflix recommendations, podcast suggestions and home-style cooking ideas.”

On Twitter, Jack shared pictures of the exchange of notes along with his personal thoughts that pushed people to try wasabi pulp and remind themselves that “less is more with truffle oil.”

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And Olga reinforced the notes with colored pencils!

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Billy was so practiced in his deliveries that the neighbor even “sorted him out with a proper mailbag”.

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Her pen pal’s identity is unknown, and Zack stated, “We have no idea who or where the neighbor is. But we could ask for details [there’s] No need – sometimes it’s nice to have a secret. “

And what’s also nice is the experience of something positive in a year that was tough for the whole world. But as Zack put it, Billy’s surprise role as the mail cat was “something unexpected, fascinating, and indeed very welcome!”

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