Cat left kittens on the family porch and returned two months later with four more

One cat left her three kittens on a family porch and later came back with four other babies.

Meggie @meggieslittlezoo

Meggie, who volunteers for One Cat at a Time (a kitten rescue in Quebec, Canada), discovered three tiny kittens on her porch in the middle of the floods last year.

She had a winter crate for stray and feral cats on her porch, and the kittens were found nestled there. “I left the kittens there because I knew it was better to leave them with the mother, but later the mother moved two of the kittens and left one alone,” Meggie told Love Meow.

Meggie waited for the cat to return after the remaining kitten, but after a long time there were no signs of her. The last kitten was very hungry and in need of rescue. They brought him in, and while Meggie was looking after him, her friend found the other two kittens.

Meggie @meggieslittlezoo

“My friend found them scattered elsewhere in my garden. They were outdoors and the mother cat never came back for them.”

The couple took her inside, had her tidied up, and reunited her with her brother. That night the kittens fell asleep together with full bellies in their cozy, warm bed.

Meggie @meggieslittlezoo

Meggie bottle-fed the kittens every two hours and looked after them around the clock. The trio perked up and began to thrive.

Over the next few weeks, the litter of three blossomed into playful, wild kittens. It turned out to be loving cuddle bugs with so much to give.

Meggie @meggieslittlezoo

The couple continued to look out for the mother cat. About two months after discovering the kittens, they were stunned by what they found in their back yard.

The cat finally came back and she wasn’t alone. She brought a new litter of four to her front door.

Meggie @meggieslittlezoo

“I knew she would have more and more babies, so we set up a trap and finally got her in. She was very wild and was afraid of people,” Meggie shared with Love Meow.

After much effort, the couple managed to provide the mother and her kittens with the medical care they needed. They were placed in a quiet room so the mother could focus on raising her kittens without stress or worry.

Meggie @meggieslittlezoo

“As soon as she was put in she took care of her kittens right away. She wasn’t good with people, but she was a great mom.” The tabby didn’t let anyone near, except Meggie, who was the only one allowed to sit next to her.

In the meantime the three kittens (Trunks, Runty and Saria) from the previous litter had grown by leaps and bounds. The couple fell head over heels in love with Trunks and Runty, the two bonded brothers, and they couldn’t part with them.

Trunks, Runty and SariaMeggie @meggieslittlezoo

“They absolutely loved our big dogs and we were very attached to them, so they never left,” shared Meggie Love Meow.

Her sister Saria was taken into a wonderful family who remain in contact with the couple to this day.

Trunks and Runty the Kittens Meggie @meggieslittlezoo

The four younger kittens were thrilled that they never had to worry about food and shelter when they were raised in loving homes. They continued to improve their social skills and prepare for their future forever.

Once big enough to be adopted, great families quickly snatched them up and now enjoy their VIP lives as pampered house cats.

Meggie @meggieslittlezoo

The mother cat was spayed and castrated once and for all. She has caretakers who make sure she is full and healthy every day.

Meggie @meggieslittlezoo

Trunks and Runty have grown into beautiful cats. Your bond has only grown stronger.

When Meggie brings new carers home, the two brothers will try to help as if to give the kittens the same love they received when they were rescued.

Trunks and Runty all grown up Meggie @meggieslittlezoo

The couple found three kittens on their porch that day, but saved four more and their mother cat.

Her household has grown since then (with several cats and dogs rescued). Your rescue and care work continues every day.

Meggie @meggieslittlezoo

Trunks and Runty live the life they have always wanted – with a large family and lots of cuddles.

Meggie @meggieslittlezoo

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