Cat has four kittens with rare brown coats and kind families to help them thrive

A cat came to her foster home with her four precious kittens, all of whom were born with beautiful rare brown coats.

Laura Malone

Last month, Laura Malone, a director of Mini Cat Town (in San Jose, California), was contacted about a family of five who needed to be rescued. A mother cat was brought to the shelter with her four kittens.

There isn’t a lot of information about where they came from. “Given her weight and kindness, I can assume she has been regularly groomed by a human, but her paw pads are dry like a cat that has spent a lot of time outdoors,” Laura told Love Meow.

Mini Cat Town did not hesitate to take care of the family. They quickly noticed that all four kittens had beautiful chocolate or cinnamon brown fur.

black cat, mother cat, brown kittens, rare brown

Mars the mother cat and her precious kittens, born with brown fur Laura Malone

“We have four girls. Two appear to have a solid pattern and two have white socks and white markings on their faces and chests,” added Laura.

“Nose and kidney beans appear to be a pinkish-brown color, which would lead me to the preliminary assumption that they don’t darken to black like mom, but stay close to that color. If that’s true, they’re extremely unique!” “

Laura Malone

A chocolate or cinnamon brown cat is hard to find. It only occurs with a genetic mutation of the black color gene. “They’re pretty rare, especially in animal shelters or rescue cats.”

The mother cat Mars is a beautiful cat who wears a beautiful long haired black coat. Upon arrival she was a little unsure of the new surroundings, but things quickly changed when she realized her kittens were safe.

Mother cat, kitten, chocolate brown fur

Mars and TwixLaura Malone

“That first night she growled so much with every sound and movement, made steadfast eye contact and stood so defensive,” shared Laura Love Meow.

“After a while I realized that she was only vocal by letting me know that she was scared and protected from her kittens, but she herself wanted human interaction and pets.”

friendly cat, mother cat

Laura Malone

Momma Mars eventually relaxed her foster family and allowed them to help her with their demanding babies (Hershey, Reese or Reese, Twix and Baby Ruth). She started making (kneading) cookies while standing and greeting her people.

“It’s the cutest thing – she looks like she’s dancing.”

beautiful cat, panther kitty, black cat, brown kitten

Laura Malone

The kittens are healthy, happy, and lively thanks to Momma Mars’ undivided attention and unconditional love. They find out their legs and become more playful and adventurous every day.

“Hershey has a big old round head. Baby Ruth is the smallest and has a narrower face and almond-shaped eyes. Twix has a small white chin. Reese has a white spot near her nose and is the most outgoing of the kittens so far – Always that The first to venture to the open door. “

chocolate brown coat, brown kitten

Laura Malone

Mars has developed into a love bow. She is very loving and full of personality.

“When she arrived, I made a habit of saying ‘hello mom’ every time I opened the door. I wanted her to get used to the sound of my voice,” shared Laura.

black cat, mother cat, brown kittens

Mars and her adorable kitten Laura Malone

“Now as I walk in, her head jumps out of the porter and she comes running out to greet me! And then she follows me around, rubbing my legs while I prepare her food.”

“I can say Mars is the kind of mother who wishes her babies were always small, but these kittens are starting to be on the go!”

Laura Malone

The kittens thrive in caring for, and their gorgeous chocolate brown fur seems to remain. They get bigger, stronger, and wilder as they enter the teenage stage.

Laura Malone

The cat sisters spend more time outside their nest, playing and wrestling with each other. Mama Mars is always around and watches over her every step of the way.

chocolate brown kitten

Laura Malone

The attentive mother comes running when she hears a baby crying, caring for her face and showering her with love.

Laura Malone

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