Cat had her 4 kittens through help, one of them is determined to attract attention

One cat found help just in time so that its kittens could be saved. The rest of the litter was determined to get noticed.

Sparkle Cat Rescue

Eight weeks ago, a rescued cat was taken to an emergency veterinary clinic when it was struggling to give birth to its litter.

After many hours of work, only one kitten, Fozzie, made it out of the womb. The mother cat Mango couldn’t deliver the rest. An emergency caesarean section saved three more kittens and reunited them with their mother and siblings.

Mango, a 2-year-old cat and her litter of four, were later taken to Sparkle Cat Rescue, a volunteer rescue operation in Burlington, North Carolina for a chance at a better life.

Sparkle Cat Rescue

Mango was very stressed out after a difficult birth, but things started to change when she arrived at her nursing home and nestled in a quiet room with her babies.

“I stayed in the room with her when I brought her home and made sure she accepted all kittens. When she settled down at home and out of the hospital, she was wonderful,” said Stephanie Grantham, co-founder of Sparkle Cat Rescue Dear meow.

Sparkle Cat Rescue

The cute mom was so pleased with her tiny bundles that were lying on her stomach. As the kittens got bigger and began to waddle, they noticed that one of them had the cutest snout.

Honey Bear, the rest of the litter, was very calm for the first few weeks. She spent most of the time eating and sleeping from her mother and tried to catch up with her siblings.

Sparkle Cat Rescue

Once she figured out her legs and started playing, she demanded attention and affection whenever she got a chance.

“She was the quietest for a long time and was very active recently. Even as a small newborn, she pressed her head against your face,” said Stephanie Love Meow.

Sparkle Cat Rescue

The little tabby girl was born with a nose that was shaped like a little butterfly. They didn’t notice any difference until she was taller and her nose became more pronounced.

Over the next few weeks, the little cat really blossomed and her personality started to shine.

She is a full-fledged love bug and is never afraid to ask people to cuddle.

Check out Honey Bear and her family in this cute video:

Honey Bear the Kitten

“She’s always been very loving. Every time you walk in the room, she’s the first to come down to your feet to attract attention and be picked up and swaddled like a baby,” added Stephanie.

Sparkle Cat Rescue

“Honey Bear is super loving and loves to be held and entertained and makes great air cookies.”

The cute cat holds its own and keeps up with its bigger siblings (Fozzie, Sugar Bear and Lulu) when they play together.

Sparkle Cat Rescue

Honey Bear likes to be the center of attention and has nothing against the camera in front of her. She is a folk cat and enjoys every minute she spends with her humans.

Your nose may be shaped differently, but it doesn’t slow you down in any way.

Sparkle Cat Rescue

“We haven’t confirmed she has a cleft lip. We’ll be making a vet visit for the entire litter once they’re just eight weeks old and ready for their first vaccinations,” Stephanie told Love Meow.

In a few weeks the small family of five will be ready for their next chapter in life – their forever home.

Sparkle Cat Rescue

The kittens have improved their climbing skills and have walked around the room as if they owned it. They still care for their mother, although they can eat from a dish themselves.

“Mango was such a caring mother. She has been wonderful for her babies since she was saved. She will never bear childbirth again and will find a home of her own once her babies are old enough to be alone.”

Sparkle Cat Rescue

Honey Bear continues to steal hearts with her adorable personality and irresistible little face.

Sparkle Cat Rescue

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