Cat comes to the right house and asks to be let in so she can have her kittens

A stray cat came to a family’s home for help so that they could have their kittens in a safe place.

Jen at Jin’s Bottle Babies

Earlier this month, Sandy, an Arizona resident, spotted a neighborhood stray in her backyard. The cat who had lived outside and roamed the streets decided to stop in this house to beg for food on that fateful day.

Sandy was happily accommodating and offered the cute cat a full meal and fresh water. While feeding the cat, she noticed the bulge around her belly and thought the cat might be pregnant.

After tidying up the plate, the friendly cat walked up to Sandy for pets and followed her around the porch as if to stay. The cat needed a place for her kittens, and Sandy couldn’t leave her out to care for herself and the babies.

stray cat, pregnant cat


She took the friendly tabby to a guest room so that her kittens never had to spend a day outside.

The adorable cat felt at home as she lay down on the floor and laid her head on a soft blanket. She stretched out her paws and toes while rumbling with her adorable purr. It was like she knew she was in good hands.

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The mother-to-be was so happy to be inside. She rolled over on every blanket she was given, showing her stomach for rubbing.

Hoping to provide the best possible care and a good home for the cat and its kittens, Sandy asked Jen, a volunteer caregiver for Jins Bottle Babies, for help. “She wrote a message asking what to do and the timing was pretty perfect,” Jen told Love Meow.


A few days later, Sandy came home to the surprise – five healthy babies were already there, all tidy and caring for their infatuated mother.

“She was born on St. Patrick’s Day, so we named her after shades of green (Momma Jade, Hunter, Emerald, Kelly, Olive and Forest).”

Jen at Jin’s Bottle Babies

Jins Bottle Babies were able to take care of the entire family of six later on Friday. “Mom is extremely cute and sociable. The day I picked her up, she walked right up to me after I sat on the floor to get my chin scratched,” Jen shared with Love Meow.

After exploring her new dig, Jade rubbed against her foster mother for more pets and love. She was so pleased to have the all-you-can-eat buffet and a mountain of blankets available.

Jen at Jin’s Bottle Babies

“She settled in here so quickly and when I come into the room when the babies aren’t breastfeeding, she gets up and chirps after me. She’s super curious. When I open the closet, she wants to find out.”

Jade quickly got used to the noises and smells of the interior and felt very comfortable with Jen’s presence. She let her humans weigh their babies and move and clean the sheets with so much gratitude.

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Jen at Jin’s Bottle Babies

“The babies are growing and gaining weight as fast as they should be. Jade purrs while the kittens eat, and everyone cuddles and falls asleep,” added Jen.

“She chirps when she follows me and when I ask her questions. She sometimes meows back and it sounds like ‘no’.”

Jen at Jin’s Bottle Babies

While the feline family thrives in foster care, the rescue works to ensure that the neighborhood strays are neutered and neutered.

Momma Jade strives to be loved but is totally devoted to her kittens. She hasn’t had a chance to enjoy lap time, but when the kittens are bigger and more independent, Jen expects them to blossom into full fledged cuddle beetles.

Jen at Jin’s Bottle Babies

“When the kittens are older and I move the comfy chair in here, she will (climb into my lap). She loves chin massages and winds between my legs when I hand out snacks,” Jen told Love Meow.

The kittens are a week old and their eyes are starting to open. Mama Jade showers her with hugs and keeps her spotlessly clean.

Jen at Jin’s Bottle Babies

Jade found the perfect family for help the day she needed a safe place for her babies.

“She knew exactly who to go to when she got pregnant. I love that you open up to people to help you. It’s really special.”

Jen at Jin’s Bottle Babies

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