Blunt pawed cat bounces in the hearts of so many after being told he could never be a house cat

A cat with blunt front paws hopped into the hearts of so many after life on the street.

Grace Choi @kittyboyandfriends

Grace Choi, a board member of Boomers Buddies Rescue in Los Angeles, came across video of a shelter cat with a congenital defect.

The cat named Joey tried desperately to hide his face in the corner of the kennel and was so scared that he froze in fear. “We just knew we had to help him. The next day I went to the shelter to pick him up,” said Grace Love Meow.

She was informed that the cat was wild and that it could never be a house cat. “When I took him home he showed no signs of aggression. He just seemed scared.”

Grace could see that behind those frightened eyes was a beautiful soul that was dying to be loved. “I sat with him for about 30 minutes to an hour to show him that he was safe.”

Grace Choi @kittyboyandfriends

When Grace could get close to him and lightly touch the top of his head, he was startled at first, but soon overwhelmed by the comfort it received. Although he was very shy, he took up the courage to reach for more pets.

Suddenly he rolled over to rub his stomach and began to rumble with his delightful purr. He even had a summer attack to scratch his back.

Grace Choi @kittyboyandfriends

“From that moment he was the biggest cuddle bug. He just wants pets all day. I think Joey quickly realized that he was in a safe place and was open to all love.”

Joey was born with a congenital disease in which both of his front legs were never fully formed. He can’t use her to run, so he bounces and wobbles like a kangaroo.

Grace Choi @kittyboyandfriends

Life was not kind to Joey as he tried to survive nature. He came to the rescue with a number of health problems. “There were a few obstacles that we had to overcome to make him healthy and social,” shared Grace Love Meow.

“It took about three weeks to fully cure Joey’s mange. He was also completely unfamiliar with the litter box, so training took about a couple of weeks. Just getting him used to a home environment was a process.”

Grace Choi @kittyboyandfriends

Grace was determined to give the deserved cat the best of life and to help him get used to being a house cat. “At first he didn’t have a big personality. He wouldn’t really move. He just wanted to be a pet all day,” Grace said.

Over time, Joey came out of his shell and his true personality emerged. The first time Joey saw a scratch, he immediately took advantage of it and gave his single front claw the best manicure.

Grace Choi @kittyboyandfriends

“It turns out he’s one of the quirkiest cats I’ve ever met! Joey keeps beating me up. He’s so playful.”

Check out Joey and his journey in this video:

Joey the cat

By then, they knew the kangaroo kitten was ready to meet other furry friends around the house, including their house cat, Kitty Boy.

Grace Choi @kittyboyandfriends

It took Kitty Boy a few days to grow on Joey, but when he received the seal of approval, he showed Joey how to be a real cat. He would climb the scratching post and encourage Joey to do the same.

Grace never knew how mobile Joey really was until the two feline friends started playing and roughing.

Grace Choi @kittyboyandfriends

Recently, Joey discovered his ability to leap incredible distances with his powerful hind paws. He continues to surprise his foster family about what he can do and makes great strides with the help of his buddy Kitty Boy.

“Joey is the dearest cat I have ever met. He shows me how grateful he is every day. As soon as you get near him, he starts purring and is so ready to take in all the love he gets can. “”

Grace Choi @kittyboyandfriends

The former street cat is finally ready for its next chapter in life – a forever loving home. Grace hopes to find a special family with a quiet home that will meet Joey’s needs so that he can always be the center of attention.

“Joey is a special cat that needs a lot of attention to make it feel safe and comfortable. With my three current pets and my dedication to caring for them, a cat like Joey deserves a lot more attention than I can afford,” said Grace added.

Grace Choi @kittyboyandfriends

“My goal from the start was to rehabilitate him. I can’t believe we achieved that in just two short months. We cured his mange, successfully trained him in the litter box, socialized him with cats and dogs, and him shown that he can trust people. “

Grace will continue to shower him with love until they find the perfect home for the cute kangaroo kitten.

Grace Choi @kittyboyandfriends

Joey’s journey won the hearts of so many people who saw him blossom into a beautiful, happy, and healthy cat.

“He is so resilient and I am very happy that he will find his home forever, where he will get all the care and love he deserves for the rest of his life!”

Grace Choi @kittyboyandfriends

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