Black and White Penguin Tang is the latest Aberrant Scopas to appear

Home to saltwater colors, Reefbuilders transforms more koi, calico, yellow, and piebald scopas cones than any other. Let us introduce you to our next example of polychromatism in Zebrasoma scopas, the Bicolor.

With markings more closely resembling those of Chromis margaritifer, this eye-catching black and white Scopas cone couldn’t be more different than the common brown cone name and will appeal to rare fish collectors who have difficulty investing in some of the more khaki “tricolor” to justify. Scopas that have been offered lately.

Oreo-themed penguin Tang showed up at retailer Number One Marine in Yorkshire, UK. Shop owner Darren Parker wasn’t sure whether to sell it or keep it in his own private collection, which already contains three-color examples of the species. Number one secured the unique zebrasoma from wholesaler Tropical Marine Center after having previously bought another tricolor flag. TMC is unsure where the fish was collected and has not provided its new owner with any details about the location of the catch.

Hotspots where deviant Scopas tangs often occur include Java in Indonesia and the Maldives in the Indian Ocean. So we suspect that it is collected in both areas and wherever it is it is likely to have more color aberrations.

TMC told Darren because it was so unusual he could name it, “Penguin” Tang being an apt nickname. Darren has had the scent for over a month and these recent photos show some signs of yellow in the fish’s front half when the first low-resolution image posted for Reefbuilders showed solid black and white shortly after arrival.

Like the koi carp after which these cones are named, the color and pattern of the koi cones is very fluid and can even change dramatically within a week. We will be curious to see how the color develops on this penguin and whether it stays black and white or later breaks out into a tri-colored yellow, black and white odor.


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