Birdspotter 2020-2021 photo competition

2020-21 competition schedule

Do you want to schedule your photo submissions and see when the competition winners will be announced? Here’s a look at the competition schedule for this season.

Photo competition

Category 1:

Birds with food or at the automatic feeder

Show us your hungry birds!

Submission & voting:
November 16-26

Winner: December 4th

Category 2:

It’s a numbers game

How many types can you get in one photo? Show us the variety that comes to your feeder.

Submission & voting:
November 30th – December 10th

Winner: December 18th

Category 3:

Birds in flight

Diving, fluttering, floating; Show us birds on the wing.

Submission & voting:
December 14th – December 24th

Winner: January 1st

Category 4:

Living space around the house

Show us birds in the habitat you create around your home.

Submission & voting:
December 28th – January 7th

Winner: January 15th

Category 5:

Bird antics

Do you have a funny photo of your feeder visitors? Share that laughing shot!

Submission & voting:
January 11th – January 21st

Winner: January 29th

Category 6:

Fantastic women

Celebrate the muted colors of female birds!

Submission & voting:
January 25th – February 4th

Winner: February 12th

Category 7:

Your favorite bird of feed

Share a photo of the type you look forward to the most!

Submission & voting:
February 8th – February 18th

Winner: February 26th

Category 8:

Rainbow birds

In deep winter we all appreciate a little color. Let’s look at some yellows, reds, blues, and oranges!

Submission & voting:
February 22nd – March 4th

Winner: March 5th

Voting on the main prize:

March 8th – March 18th

Winner: March 19th

Data entry competition

Category 1

November 16 – December 10

Winner: December 11th

What are you looking forward to the most this FeederWatch season? Tell us why you would like to participate!

Category 2

December 11th – January 7th

Winner: January 8th

There are many ways to improve the wildlife habitat. What are you doing to make your garden a haven for your bird lovers?

Category 3

January 8th – February 4th

Winner: February 5th

What’s your favorite bird on your bird feeders? Do you wait for a look all season or does it come every day? Let us know what makes this species so special when you see them on your bird feeders!

Category 4

February 5th – March 4th

Winner: March 5th

There are tons of antics at our feeding stations, whether it’s acrobatic squirrels or clumsy birds. Share a laughing moment.

FeederWatch in the classroom

School winners announced December 25th, January 22nd and February 19th


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