Big-eyed cat asks everyone for attention and love, hoping that one day his dream will come true

A cute, big-eyed cat begs for attention and hugs everyone he meets in hopes of one day finding the family of his dreams.

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A tabby cat was taken to a shelter in southwest Virginia after it was found in a cat colony. It was rough around the edges and came with two large wondrous eyes. The cute cat immediately felt comfortable and affectionate towards people.

When the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation learned of his plight, they took him into their care and offered him a loving nursing home to begin his healing process. “We have since learned that he is completely blind and tested positive for Feline Leukemia Virus (FELV) and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV),” Jen, a volunteer with the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation, told Love Meow.

With meticulous care, lots of love and the right medication, the tabby named Tom Cuddleston began to improve.

Jen @pokeypotpie

As he got healthier, his love for cuddling grew exponentially. “It has turned into an absolute cuddle muffin that is full of love and joy.”

“I’ve never met a cat who loves cuddling and cuddling as much as he does. He’s incredibly loving, gentle, and sweet. He sits on my lap, has his stomach rubs and foot massages, and he’ll get as much attention as he can we can give it to him, “shared Jen with Love Meow.

Jen @pokeypotpie

He chirped when Jen called him, crawled into her lap as she sat down, and nudged her face gently as she leaned against him.

“He’ll start meowing as soon as we walk into the room. He’ll follow me until I sit down, then he’ll climb into my lap and suckle in cuddles. He’ll take breaks every now and then to leave.” make cookies on his favorite blanket then he comes back to have more love. “

Jen @pokeypotpie

Tom is the embodiment of a love bug. He enjoys lying in the cradle like a baby and purring his cheerful kidney beans in the air as he purrs a storm. He asks for attention and pets as soon as someone enters the room and does not take no for an answer.

Even though Tom is blind, he adapts quickly to new environments and can navigate effortlessly. “He knows where everything is and has his favorite places.”

Tom the Cat and Foster Dad IanJen @pokeypotpie

One day out of the blue, Tom decided to try toys. Within minutes, he figured out how to play with them with his other senses. He was able to catch a moving spring toy with amazing accuracy whenever he heard the bell ring or felt the breeze as the toy whizzed by.

Check out Tom Cuddleston in this cute video:

Tom the cat

The cute cuddly beetle has overcome its health crisis and is looking for a place of its own.

“His FIV / FELV positive status (both of which cause immunodeficiency problems in cats) means he may have a shortened life, but is 100% adoptable, lovable, huggable and worth loving and caring for.” Jen shared with Love Meow. “You didn’t really know love until you got a bonk from Tom-Tom.”

Jen @pokeypotpie

Recently, Tom was moved to a new nursing home where he could be the center of attention and get cuddled when needed. As soon as he got there, he made quite a trip around his new accommodation.

“He snuggled his nose in every corner, rubbed his cheeks on every piece of furniture, felt the wind and gloved hands rustle his fur, sniffed the fresh air, zoomed in on his favorite toys, climbed on sofas, chairs and in The Rounds and.” Hearts of his carers, “said Jen.

Jen @pokeypotpie

“While Tom loves everyone he meets, he is somehow able to make everyone who crosses his path feel like the special and loved one in the world,” said Tom’s new foster family.

“Meeting Tom means loving Tom – and feeling loved by Tom.”

Jen @pokeypotpie

“He’s 100% able to climb onto the couch and into your lap for the most amazing cuddles you’ve ever had. He’s a truly remarkable and loving cat.”

Tom enjoys life as a pampered house cat and hopes that one day he will share his abundance of love with the family of his dreams.

Jen @pokeypotpie

“He deserves an absolutely incredible family who will shower him with love, affection and lots and lots of goodies. I can’t wait for him to find this,” Jen shared.

Jen @pokeypotpie

Share this story with your friends. If you’re interested in adopting Tom, visit the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation for more information. Follow Jens Foster Kitten on Facebook and Instagram. Follow updates on Tom in his current nursing home on Instagram.

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