Best fishing lakes in Southern California

Over 7,000 square miles of water make Southern California a great fishing destination for anglers of all interests and skill levels. While saltwater enthusiasts eagerly flock to the numerous coastlines, charter boats, and popular piers, there is an bewitching appeal to the best fishing lakes in Southern California. Maybe it’s the towering forests, amazing mountains or the unbridled sense of adventure at every turn, but one thing is for sure; You will love freshwater fishing in Southern California. Period.

If you’re interested in doing more research, let’s talk about the best fishing lakes in Southern California.

The diverse selection of fishing grounds and species gives you the freedom to design your own adventure. This list of the best fishing lakes in Southern California gives you a place to start, but it’s always a good idea to do your own research before heading out. In particular, you should check local licensing requirements and other regulations.

  • Castaic lake. With 29 miles of coastline, Castaic Lake is the state’s largest water project reservoir and a hotspot for trout, perch, and catfish, with some world record catches. Take a break to explore the 11,000-acre parkland and open living space.
  • Lake Gregory. Located in the San Bernardino Mountains, Lake Gregory is a fantastic weekend fishing destination in Southern California. Fishing for brown trout and rainbow trout as well as picturesque hut rentals or hiking trails on site ensure a change of landscape.
  • Lake Cuyamaca. Every year this 110 acre lake is stocked with thousands of pounds of trout, but you can also catch crappie, sturgeon, bass, catfish, and bluegill. Fishing courses and equipment rental are offered on site. Accommodation is in the form of cottages and huts.

Discover more great California fishing spots on our interactive map. Your great California fishing adventure awaits!


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