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Best dogs for small apartments in India

In contrast to the large, spacious houses in rural India, the metropolises mainly consist of small apartments with no lawn or land. It does not have the openness for dogs to play, unlike the dogs you see in villages. A dog that lives in the apartment does not have enough space to run around like the dogs in the villages.

You should know that the space around a dog determines everything about him, from behavior to physical health.

If you are one of those people who live in cities and are excited about adopting a dog, you need to have some understanding of dog breeds. Bringing a dog home can get very complicated for you as many breeds are not suitable for apartments.

On this blog, check out some of the best dog breeds that are ideal for people who live in small neighborhoods and apartments in India. So let’s start

1) pug

As one of the cutest breeds you will ever find, pugs are best for those who live in small houses and apartments. They’re super-friendly, require little to no exercise, and enjoy sitting on your couch for most of the day. Her cheerful and friendly demeanor makes her great with young children too. He will reach a weight of around 8 kg when he is fully grown.

Just make sure to keep your pug away from strong sunlight at all times as they are prone to overheating which can be dangerous to their health.

2) Dachshund

Dachshunds are enthusiastic dogs that, despite their high energy levels, require little space to play. The reason for this is that dachshunds have comparatively smaller legs than other dogs. These dogs are loyal to their owners and extremely vigilant of their surroundings, which makes them excellent watchdogs.

Although they get along well with children, they are especially possessive about their toys and personal effects. Make sure the kids don’t snap away their toys as these dogs have a habit of nibbling.

3) Beagle

Beagle’s cute looks combined with her smug demeanor make her one of the most popular apartment dogs in India. They require minimal grooming and baths compared to other dogs, and enjoy staying indoors most of the time. They are companion dogs who also enjoy playing with children.

However, Beagles have their daily training requirements that must be effectively met. This is because these dogs are an odd breed and have an innate need to explore them.

4) Labrador Retriever

Labradors, perhaps the most popular dog in the world, can also be seen in many apartments in India. Their intelligent nature makes them easy to train, and they love hanging out with people of all ages. One great thing about labs is that they are easy going and friendly with babies and toddlers.

To deal with the high energy of Labradors, you need to let them run for a good 30 minutes a day. To keep them occupied, you can give them wonderful dog toys that will also help curb their excessive chewing habit.

5) poodle

Poodles are the ideal indoor dogs that also have a good temperament. These dogs are hypoallergenic so people with allergic problems shouldn’t have to worry. Poodles are considered the second most intelligent dogs after the Border Collie and learn commands within a few hours.

Some poodles may need extra exercise to be happy in a small space. But with some obedience training, you can turn her into a well behaved dog.

6) bulldog

Bulldogs are suitable for homes because they are less active than other dog breeds. Despite having a fierce appearance, they are one of the most kind-hearted dogs you will ever find. They bond well with children and also protect.

Like pugs, bulldogs shouldn’t be exposed to excessive heat because their snouts are short and cannot gasp like other dogs. This makes it a little difficult for them to maintain normal body temperature. However, their excessive loyalty and camaraderie make up for these small flaws.

7) Chihuahua

Chihuahua are the smallest breed of dog in the world, so they are best suited for people who live in multi-family households. They have minimal demands on exercise and care and enjoy sitting on a sofa all day. Since Chihuahuas are a bit noisy and talkative, they may need training early and consistently. Before buying these dogs you should know that they are completely dependent on you and therefore should be ready for long term engagement.

All in all

Every dog ​​has its own personality and temperament. Hence, it is important to adopt a dog that suits their home and lifestyle. If you are an apartment resident, try to adopt these dogs above as they will stay perfectly happy with you. As they say, “happy dogs are the most beautiful dogs”.

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